Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Roundup

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments,
embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.

John Boswell

Ah, another Friday.  A cold one to be sure.  Yesterday was brutal.  Winter has truly arrived.  Hard to believe that on Sunday we hit 60 and yesterday when I woke up it was 8 degrees.  But nothing keeps me from WW and my weigh in.  Lost another pound.  That makes 23 altogether and I'm about to break the 200 pound barrier and enter one-derland. 

Today I'm headed to another WW meeting.  I really enjoyed the Friday trainer, and since it doesn't cost extra to attend another meeting, I might as well go. I have nothing else on my calendar and I really do like this week's topic--portion control. I know I don't always follow it properly basically because I don't understand it all.  For example, when they say 3 ounces of steak is the size of a deck of cards, what of the thicker steaks?  How do we handle them?

Oh, I forget to tell you what happened with my eye doctor appointment on Wednesday.  I'm fit to be tied.  I woke up early Wednesday and after hearing the weather report, really didn't want to go anywhere.  But I hate canceling appointments at the last minute so I piled on all the clothes and went.  After all, I'd had my chance to cancel when they called to remind me of my appointment on Tuesday evening.

So I trudged the seven blocks in the brutally cold weather.  Some people hadn't shoveled or laid salt so in some places it was pretty darn slippery.  I get to the office and find out the second floor had been flooded and they weren't coming in.  Of course I was annoyed, but I also understood that sometimes things happen that we have no control over and perhaps they hadn't had time to call me yet.  Actually, that was giving them the benefit of a doubt because I WAS the first appointment of the day.

As I was leaving, the guard asked, "Leaving so soon?"  "Yes", and I explained what happened.  "Well, you'd have thought someone would have called you.  It's been a whole week."  Now, I am furious.  I went home and called and let them have it.  

Hubby started his new medication and so far, no side effects.  That's good.  He also saw his pulmonologist who prescribed a stronger medication for him. Hope this helps him.  It hurts seeing him struggling to catch his breath.  

I could shoot myself.  You'll never guess what I did.  Last year when I was getting out the winter clothing I had a couple bags of clothes for hubby to take to the Goodwill.  Well, either I made the mistake, or he picked up one bag too many, but my black and my beige winter coats are missing. We tore the house apart yesterday, and they are definitely gone. I only have one heavy coat.  If the zipper on that breaks or something else happens, I'll be stuck so I have to purchase another coat.  Can't believe that happened.  Just when money is getting tighter.

Well, that's about it for this week.  Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.

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