Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday This and That

Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won't have time to make them all yourself. 
Alfred Sheinwold

Good morning, everyone and a happy Tuesday to all.  Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  I didn't do much of anything. I read for awhile, then dozed for awhile, woke up and read some more, etc. A very quiet day. It was really too hot to do much of anything.  Even a walk to the park was out of the question. In a way, I do miss the old days when Labor Day always meant a cookout, but I had a backyard back then.  My George Foreman is not the same and a pain in the butt to clean. So, I just made some pork chops, rice and beans, and sliced up a tomato.  

Speaking of food, I wanted to share the Saturday's Tip of the Day from MyPlate.gov:

'Make treats “treats,” not everyday foods. Treats are great once in a while. Just don’t make treat foods an everyday choice. Limit sweet treats to special occasions and something to look forward to.'

Fortunately I don't like candy and am so-so with cookies. It's my huge meals that put my weight on. But as far as sweets go,  ice cream and cake are my downfall. And forget about birthday cake.  That's something I cannot resist. (Thanks hubby for the huge piece you brought me on Saturday). I always keep donuts or a pound cake the house for hubby because he has really lost a lot of weight.  (We seen to be going in different directions, he and I).  I won't deny that there are times I have been tempted, but I haven't given in.  Always keep fruit in the house for times like that.

I've been itching to get to get at my fall decorating and almost dug everything out this weekend. Actually, we've had some pretty cool fall-like weather here lately which really put me in the mood. Heck, I almost packed away my summer clothes.  But now summer has returned with a a vengeance that just killed the mood.  It just didn't seem right decorating for fall when it feels like summer when I step outdoors.  I did purchase a new fall tablecloth and t two pumpkin heads to sit on my shelf. 

Alas, they make me yearn for Autumn even more. I also purchased two candles....

The candles were leftovers from last year, and these were the last two.  I do hope they get more this year.  They smell so good.

With the fall season upon us, memories of childhood are beginning to abound. 

This was the Church I was baptized and confirmed in. It  was so long ago, but the Church still looks the same. Located in Dover, New Jersey it is  the first permanent church building erected in the town of Dover.  I went to Sunday school in the back. I am sad that many of my memories of this Church has faded, but I do have a few.  In one, it was a very hot Sunday morning, and the minister was giving his sermon.  I looked down at my lap and there was the biggest bumble bee I had ever seen. My breath stopped.  I wanted to scream out, but I was in Church, so I held back my tears and watched the creature as it nonchalantly crawled around on my lap. As hot as I was, I didn't move an inch. After what seemed like an eternity, it flew off, and I could breathe a sigh of relief.  

And then there is  another fond memory of a Halloween party.  I and my Sunday school class spent days decorating the basement for the big day  and invited all our friends. I only had one friend to invite, Kathleen. When our guests  arrived, most of the lights out were turned out, and the mayhem began.  It was really spooky.  I played a ghost that wandered around and jumped out at unsuspecting visitors.  I was so proud of the little part I had.  Later, we ducked for apples and handed out candy.  What a fun night it was.  The best Halloween I can remember.

And with that being said, I am going to sign off for now.  It's really hot and humid out there, and I want to take it slow going to the Center.  This extra weight I carry around makes it hard to breathe...another reason I should heed the advice of my nutritionist.
Have a good one.


  1. Sounds like the Bee Goddess was visiting you at that church.

  2. I too was dying to get my fall decorations out, but resisted. It's too darn early. I did go and buy chrysanthemums to put out in the garden, but stopped at buying a scarecrow. That can wait.

    Glad I did as here too, it's hot again.