Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Journey Home By Willy Nywening

After reading "The Autumn of Her Life" I thought it would be a good long time before I found any fiction to hold my interest, but then I discovered "The Journey Home" by Willy Nywening is just that book.  I started following the FB page because I love the awesome feel goos quotes shared on there. Eventually I bought the book, and loved every page of it.  

The book is about a brother and sister who have been orphaned and focuses the struggles they have to remain a family unit and the  disappointments they face in life and how through the power of love, they were able to overcome them. From what I understand the inspiration for the book was her father who had been orphaned at a young age.  It's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Such a feel good story, and in a world of violence, war, and pain, we need more stories like this.

From the book's description...

Our childhood is an intricate part of who we become as adults. Everyone has difficulty, despair and disappointment in their past. How we choose to overcome these challenges determines the course of our lives. Through it all, love has the potential to heal old wounds.

In a time when children were meant to be seen and not heard, young lives were not always honored. Jamie and Martha, a brother and sister who were tragically orphaned at a young age, find themselves shuffled between family and friends. Stripped of their voices and choices, they endure heartbreaking circumstances that no child should ever experience. Even though disappointment seems to be the only constant in their young lives, they struggle courageously to find bits and pieces of happiness in a world that is often cruel and spiteful.

Through it all, something pure and innocent within the children refuses to die. On their journey, they learn one of life’s most important and powerful lessons: the healing power of love makes life – and living – possible. While love cannot change the past, it is the key to redeeming an unwritten future. For Martha and Jamie, it is love that creates the true refuge that is home.

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