Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Ramble.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain.
  Vivian Greene

Good morning, everyone.  It's going to be another gorgeous day.  I'm off to Weight Watchers this morning.  Hoping to see some positive results.  They have me on 27 points per day with 49 bonus weekly points.  I've only used a few of the bonus points.   I like the fact that you never have to go hungry with WW.  That was always my problem with past diets.  A month or so into the diet, and I'd go on a binge...and after that I was off to the races.

Went back to the old Center yesterday.  Wanted to see my friends, and I enjoy the art class...even though it is only coloring a picture.  It is soothing and relaxes me.  I felt good when all my friends came round to welcome me back.  They were all concerned that I wouldn't be back because I had been treated so rudely on Thursday. I chose not to tell them I had found a new and better center, so  I explained that, at this point in my life, my weight has become detrimental to my health, and right now I have to concentrate on losing a few pounds.  Actually, quite a few pounds.  They are aware that I will only be attending on Wednesday.  I genuinely like them and feel badly that it has to be this way, but health and peace of mind come first.

I am just loving this weather.  Not cold, just cool enough for a sweater or light jacket.  I come alive in the alive in the chilly Autumn air. More energy and eager to do things. Hard to believe that next week summer will officially be over.  It's been a quick summer, for sure, and unlike last year, a rather comfortable one.  I am a wee bit concerned, though.  Some have forecasted a snowier winter than last year and have even ventured to say our first snow will appear next month.  Let's hope they are wrong.  

Well, that's about it for this morning.  As you can see, I've nothing exciting to share today, and there are a few things I hope to accomplish before I leave today.  Talk to you all tomorrow.

Have a good one.


  1. I am so glad that you found a better center but still can stay in contact with your friends from the old one! And from what I've seen over the years WW is the most successful diet program out there. I support you! :) Oh my - I didn't hear about the winter predictions. Yikes. I get the same weather as you do usually so that was a shock - after all, last winter was rough enough!! I hope they are wrong too....but I have a feeling they are right. For some time now I have suspected an early Winter....

  2. This was by far the coolest greek summer i have ever experienced. I hope that the winter will not be harsh! I hate the cold!

  3. WW was the only diet that worked for me.
    I see they cut 29 to 27 points. Must be a reason, but I did very good on the 29.
    This summer up at the campgrounds with potlucks (OFTEN)has put some pounds on me. That and my weakness for sweets. Know what I have to do and must commit to it soon.
    I'm so excited for you Mary. Most weeks you will see some difference. Some more than others. :D

  4. We have been experiencing some lovely weather...and yes, summer was for the most part quite comfortable. Like you, I too come alive at Autumn time. Nothing like the chill in the air to make one seek the warm comforts of home. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Good luck with WW! Hugs!