Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not the News I'd hoped for.

Good morning.  As you probably know by now, my palpitations have returned so I guess what we thought was causing them really wasn't. They didn't seem as bad as before, but by the time I got to the doctor;s office, the palpitations  were out of control. Seems the hospital didn't get it quite right.  There IS a problem.  It is called  Sinus tachycardia. The heart beats faster than it should.  The doctor feels this is caused by the overproduction of thyroid hormone.  I've taken the methimazole so long he feels it is no longer doing me any good and my Graves Disease has swung out of control.  We will know when the blood work comes back.

Until then I am suffering.  As he said, we cannot add or change meds until we know exactly what is going on.  Should be a couple of days.  I sure do hope we find answers soon. 

That's it for today.  My thoughts are just not with it today.  Please keep me in your prayers.


  1. Hang in there, Mary! Sending healing thoughts your way.

  2. Thinking of you Mary, and hoping you find an answer and a solution soon. Encouraging hugs!

  3. Sending you comfort and healing Mary. Take care and hang in there!

  4. Hormones can cause horrible distress, i know!
    In my heart of hearts i feel that very soon you will get much better. Try not to stress, because this will only make things worse!
    Lots and lots of love!

  5. Sending lots of hugs your way.

  6. Hoping the doctors will be able to do what is needed to take care of your Graves Disease and get you feeling better soon.

    The racing heart from Graves is not funny. I had it in the past, from undiagnosed Graves for years. Inexcusable! I don't know how the medical community can be so oblivious to symptoms of Graves. Before I was diagnosed with Graves, I went to various specialists for symptoms I was having. Each symptom was a huge indication of Graves, but no doctor figured it out. Finally, when I could barely swallow solid food, I went to an ear nose and throat doctor, who said I needed surgery for a deviated septum. It occurred to me to ask him for a thyroid test. His office called me back and told me that I was extremely hyperthyroid, and needed to see an endocrinologist ASAP. I never did get surgery for a deviated septum. Endocrinologist said my thyroid gland was three times normal size, and I was extremely hyperthyroid. Endocrinologist couldn't believe that the Ear Nose and throat guy had not noticed my severely enlarged thyroid gland. I had to take tapazole(sp?) in order to get my thyroid levels and heart rate to a point where I was able to be treated with RAI. Now I will probably be taking Synthroid for the rest of my life. There are so many things to be considered in the treatment of Grave's disease. I pray that you will find excellent doctors and you will feel better very soon.

    Take care.
    Susie @ Persimmon Moon Cottage

  7. As you go about your days, know that we care and wish for a speedy solution of these attacks from your doctors for you Mary. (((hugs)))