Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Ramble

It's important to give yourself a gold star. Recognizing your achievements--big and small--is an important part of honoring who you are. Gold stars have the powerful effect of undermining and dethroning all the critical stuff you've heard about yourself.

Leslie Levine

This is part of my Autumn owl set.  Can't find where I packed the rest.  They will show up.

It's a rainy morning out there, and I am still trying to figure out what to do today. Had such a nice time at the new center yesterday.  I exercised, met some new friends, and had a wonderful lunch.  I don't remember being made to feel so welcome in the old place. Hubby told me I should stick with this new center since I was so happy with it, and forget about the other one, but I think one day a week to see my friends.  I was only going to attend on Wednesdays because I do enjoy the new art class, but I may go today as well.  They'd planned a trip in the new center, and balance class is going to be canceled.  Speaking of exercise....

It's been such a long time I did any 'real' exercise, and I have NEVER participated  in an exercise class. Usually my exercises included a few jumping jacks and some sit-ups, and those were done many, many years ago.  In recent years, my only exercise was walking, and I haven't done much of that anymore. So, I wasn't very limber to say the least.  But I think I did pretty well considering.  I did feel a charlie horse coming on when we began exercising our calves and my toes started to spasm when we did our foot exercises, but I worked my way through it. 

And by the time the music came on, and it was time to begin some mild aerobics, she'd say 'left leg to the side', and I'd put my right leg out.  They were moving so fast I just couldn't keep up, and it didn't help that my back was killing me.  But, the important thing is not HOW I did it, but the fact that I actually completed the one hour of exercise.  I am so proud of myself.

In all honesty, it has been a long time since I actually felt that sense of accomplishment. It makes you feel good when you do things for yourself.  It makes you feel better and want to achieve more things.  And with that, I will leave you with the following little tale from "Seeing with Our Souls"....

A seeker searched for years to know the secret of achievement and success in human life. One night in a dream a sage appeared bearing
the answer to the secret.

The sage said simply: "Stretch out your hand and reach what you can."

"No, it can't be that simple," the seeker said.

And the sage said softly, "You are right, it is something harder. It is
this: Stretch out your hand and reach what you cannot."

Now that's vision.

Joan Chittister


  1. Congrats on doing the exercise class! I love any quotation from Joan Chittister. I should read some of her stuff. I assume she has published books? Must check amazon.

  2. Everytime i have tried aerobics, i had the exact same issues as you. I used to confuse everyone and cause chaos making everyone fall on another because i could not synchronize for the life of me.
    I have received a couple of angry looks as i recall, but most of the time people laughed.
    I believe it is always brave when people with pain try to exercise, so congratulations and best of luck!!

  3. Good for you completing one whole hour of exercise! It is nice to feel such a great accomplishment. I do tai chi and love it. Aerobics I don't think I could handle any more. Zumba is really fun, but I do the Zumba Gold for people over 50 or something like that.

    Funny, I also started at a new social group. And love love love the people there! So different from my other group which I really didn't like but went sometimes anyway. Nice when you find compatible people. Keep on working out (gently, of course).