Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday This and That

Today I am feeling pretty much normal and keeping positive thoughts.  I plan to take a trip to the fruit stand and perhaps will sit in the park for awhile.  Retirement is to be enjoyed.  It is not a time to sit around and feel sorry for oneself. 

I had planned to head out to the bank and to deposit my checks from work and was wondering why they have yet to arrive.  Have to admit that it is partially  my fault.  I'd sent a copy of my new address up to HR when I moved, but did not fill out the formal address form.  I guess you can say we are both to blame on this one.  I shouldn't have been so lazy and taken a trip up to the 12th floor, and whoever got my handwritten copy of my address should have contacted me that there actually WAS a formal form to be filled out. 

The above is really a beautiful golden glass plaque I received years ago, but I  am still learning how to use this new phone, and the picture does not due it justice.  The camera on my new phone has zoom and other adjustments for day and night, but I've not gotten that far yet.  I've not even learned that I can't just turn the phone off after calling someone, that I have to press 'end', a lesson learned the hard way when I called hubby and it went on for 27 minutes.  He couldn't hang up because I had called him.  LOL!!!

I have, however, found and learned how to play the games, and play games I do every chance I get.  Candy Crush has become my new addiction. Oh my, I am surprised that I get anything done.  And, I find that I am not alone.  The other day on the bus it was the topic of conversation.  "What board are you up to?" we strangers were asking each other. Anyone else addicted to this game?  

Finally, a co-worker sent me the following last night...

These are my babies.  A client came and dropped them off about two years ago and I have been taking care of them ever since.  The two in the forefront are the girls.  They were about the size of the little one in the back...the boy who never seems to grow.  But, little as he is, he fights his own battles which are rare but they have happened.

This little gal was special.  They all had their own personalities, but she was kind of special.  When she saw me coming, she'd actually climb up on the rock and stand on her hind feet. I miss them terribly.  I wanted to take them with me but, alas, indoor turtles require a lot of work, and neither hubby nor I are up to carrying heavy aquariums and doing all the cleaning necessary.  It is good to know they are being taken care of.


  1. Yes! That's what retirement is for. Relaxation and doing what you want. :)

    The turtles are sweeties!

  2. Oh Candy Crush, you time-sucking addiction! I am on level 70 after spending weeks on 65 (and probably will be at 70 for many more weeks). I also play Bejeweled Blitz and Solitaire Blitz. But I try to limit the time I spend on any of them! They are fun, though, and strangely calming. Go enjoy your day, retired lady!

  3. Good morning Mary.....You KNOW I love the serenity prayer....don't you? Nice of that co-worker to send you pics of those little pets. Cute......



  4. Days are now stretching out nice and loooong for you! Enjoy them as they come, take the time!

  5. That's a beautiful plaque and prayer, and that last photo of that turtle looks so lovable.