Friday, July 19, 2013

My First Friday of Retirement...Put it in the Books

Well, I made it through my first week of retirement.  Caught up on lots of household chores that had just been waiting for me to find the time.  I'm really quite the pack rat.  Would you believe I found my good-bye card from 1976?  When I first moved to the city I had tended bar for awhile and developed quite a following.  Imagine that.  From barmaid to addiction counselor. The changes that life brings.

Went for my blood work yesterday and am expecting a call this evening letting me know what time to go in on Monday for my biopsy.  There's a part of me that just wants to cancel and forget that all this is going on, but then I remember hubby's cousin and I know that is not the right move. 

More good news.  My blood pressure is down again....129 over 83.  It's getting so low that I actually asked the druggist if I had to worry about the medication bringing it too low...of which, he assured me it will not, to just keep doing whatever I am doing because it is definitely working.  Heck, I should have retired a long time ago.  

Speaking of prescriptions, I made sure I got a three month supply of all my medications. That takes a big worry off my mind for now I have three months to find the best prescription plan for me.  This is all so new to me.  I'm used to prescription plans coming with my insurance. 

I find myself chatting with anyone willing to listen and had some nice conversations at the bus stopand on the bus yesterday.   Of course it was about the heat.  We are all suffering so, but I find I walk around now with a smile on my face and take such joy in everything going on around me.  I also mentioned to hubby last night that I am just not so tired anymore.  I have energy to do things.  I'd been beginning to feel so bad that it really worried me.  That constant fatigue just would not go away.  I am learning now how to appreciate life more.  I am learning how to appreciate others.

What you put out comes back.
The more you sincerely appreciate
life from the heart, the more the
magnetic energy of appreciation
attracts fulfilling life experiences
to you, both personally and
professionally. Learning how to
appreciate more consistently
offers many benefits and
applications. Appreciation is an
easy heart frequency to activate
and it can help shift your
perspectives quickly. Learning how
to appreciate both pleasant and even
seemingly unpleasant experiences is
a key to increased fulfillment.

Doc Childre and Sara Paddision

Would you believe I was out there yesterday purchasing long flannel nightgowns?  Yes, in all this heat.  The other day I had stopped in the store to look around and saw that they had several in my size, but I didn't purchase them.  Then, after I got home I remembered the hard time I had last year finding anything in my size that went below the knee, so I grabbed a couple and put them away.  

My weekend is up in the air, but I do know one thing.  I won't be shopping and cooking all day on Saturday.  Matter of fact, I am about to get ready to head on out to the supermarket today.  They say storms are headed in our direction tomorrow so it's best to get it done today.  I never worry about myself; I always pity the poor delivery guy who has to deliver in the rain. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Let's hope this atrocious heat fades away and gives us all a break.  We certainly need one.


  1. Sounds like retirement is agreeing with you!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do Mary.

  3. Good morning.....Sounds like you are ready to "greet the day!!!!" Enjoy.



  4. Terrific news about your blood pressure, Mary! I'm so glad that you're finally able to do things that feel good in the way everythings unfolding. I bet Miss Minga loves having you home more too.

  5. Good blood pressure news! Sounds like retirement is just what your soul needed!

  6. Yeesh! I hope you have a break from the heat soon!

    I'm glad your blood pressure is improving and you're less tired. Retirement becomes you!

  7. I'm so glad to hear the good news about your BP results, that's great!