Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

 Wishing you all a fantastic 4th of July.

Columbia fair,
With glory rare.
Sitting as queen in thy western sea,
The peoples pause
To give applause,
To celebrate thine ascendancy.
From eastern surge
To western verge
They sons, in glad activity,
Hail loud and long
With shout and song
They day of thy nativity.
Though dark they morn
Of oppression born,
And bloody thine earliest history,
Splendidly bright
Is they noonday light;
Grand be thy future of mystery.
The portal gleams
With the radiant beams
From the lifted hand of Liberty,
A sign of rest
For those opprest
And promise of peace and prosperity.
God save our land,
Where, hand in hand,
Justice and mercy habitate.
For her be strong
Whene’er the wrong,
Or dangers ‘gainst her militate.
Free as the breeze
That fans her leas,
Bright as the stars of her summer night,
Pure as the ore
In her treasured store,
Lord, may she ever by thy delight.

E. B. Van Arsdale


  1. Happy Independence Day, Mary! Your own personal Independence Day is almost here too, yay!

  2. Happy 4th, Mary to you and yours. It is hot and humid here with chance of thunder storms. Ugh! But still a festive mood. Take care.

  3. Lovely poem and perfect for today. Have a beautiful Fourth Mary

    Mary. :)

  4. Happy 4th Mary......wave a sparkler for me!! LOL