Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update on Medical

No biopsy today.  I don't know if that is good news or bad news.  It is this not knowing that is really getting to me.  But, I absolutely LOVED this doctor.  He made me feel so comfortable and so much less fearful.  His words to me were, "I would never cut into a patient without getting to know them first.".  His title is Interventional Neuroradiologist. That's a new one for me.  On his card it said 'minimally invasive physician' which also made me feel more at ease.  After a fairly thorough physical exam we sat down and had a chat.  

He said my lungs were clear and the fact that my cough was abating with the change of medicine and I was now able to walk and climb stairs without totally losing my breath as before were good signs.  He tried to get my cat scans on the computer, but even though they are an extension of the hospital, they are not connected technologically so he could not download them.  He said by my next visit in two weeks he will have evaluated my records and have come to a decision, but, as he said, "The decision to biopsy or not will be left up to you.  I will give you my opinion and allow you to make your own decision.  There are some dangers in a lung biopsy" and he went onto explain air bubbles or bleeding.  He then added that it may be that we leave the nodules sit as is and redo a cat scan in six months to see if they have grown.  Evidently  non-cancerous nodules will not grow while cancerous cells will.

So, there it is...on hold again.  But, each time it is put on hold I feel a bit more relief. After all, something serious would have to be taken care of right away.  Thanks to all of you being there with me today.  As I sat there, holding my bag of healing stones and my amber tightly in my hand, I could close my eyes and feel your presence.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  I love you all.


  1. He sounds like a wonderful doctor! And you have been calmed, by his way of dealing with patients.

    So even though it is still kind-of-still-on-hold, you seem as happy with this, as is possible.


    Many hugs.... "Auntie"

  2. It sounds like there has been some marked
    improvement Mary. I think it is a good
    idea to wait the 2 weeks and see what path
    the nodules take.

    Your breathing is much better which is a good
    sign. You don't become out of breath when you
    climb stairs.

    Yes, we were all there with you Mary, praying and meditating sending out positive energy to the Universe.

    I think it is wonderful that could feel the
    positive flow of our thoughts and prayers.

    Take a deep cleansing breath
    and a sigh of relief.

    hugs and love Sharon

  3. Hey, things are looking good so far! You're right -- if it was urgent or far along, they'd be rushing to biopsy.

  4. Wooo Hooo!!!! This is incredibly great news! :) Sounds like this Doc really knows how to treat his patients as well as diagnose and treat. I love the fact that he is one of those who practice non-invasive medicine as well as keeping an eye on how things progress and going from there.

    Love and Blessings,

  5. I'm so glad that he said your lungs are clear, Mary, my friend, that's wonderful!!!



  6. This is good, this is really good! Peace to you!

  7. My friend things are alright and will be even better come July! If anything I have learned is that is if something were wrong, it would have already taken care of. Love you!