Monday, March 11, 2013

Okay, it's Been Awhile: Time for a Rant

 Ethics is knowing the difference between what you
have a right to do and what is right to do.
Potter Stewart

As far as I am concerned, they can cancel Daylight Savings Time.  I really don't like the idea of going to work when it is still dark out.  Something just doesn't seem right about it. I feel as if I should still be in bed...sleeping.  And then, adding to my frustration, when I got to work, as usual a few minutes early, I found myself totally alone. My supervisor is on vacation, and the girl who usually sets out the breakfast didn't come in, so, since I am not scheduled to escort clients to lunch, setting up breakfast falls on me.  I really don't mind it at all.  It just involves  putting out the cereal, bread, juice, and milk, and making the coffee.  Cleanup afterwards is not really so bad.  We do have a couple of helpful clients who jump up and offer to help as soon as they see me come with the keys. 

What bothers me is that no one worries about getting to work on time.  They really don't have to.  They can strut in any time they feel like it, and no one says anything about it.  That's because even the director comes in late.  Oh, I don't expect anyone to be early like me.  That's just a part of my work ethic. I get totally stress out when I am late.  But, be there on time. And because everyone came in late, I was also totally alone when the clients I had to collect Medicaid cards, log them in, and perform the duties of security guard; that is, making sure that no one from the other floors who is not a client sneaks in. Yesterday's freeloader, for want of a better word, gave me a hard time.  When I told him if he were not a client, he could not go in, he just shrugged and brushed past me like I wasn't even there.  I'm not going to do that anymore.  I decided afterwards that if no one else cares enough to make it to work in time, thus leaving me there alone, then I don't care who walks in and has breakfast.  It's just not worth jeopardizing my safety.

Speaking of safety, a client was knifed in the shelter downstairs over the weekend.  My new co-worker who has barely been there past orientation told me yesterday she is already putting her resume out  there.  She said, "I've worked in Manhattan Psychiatric Center and also one of the city's more notorious shelters, but this is the most dangerous place I have ever worked in.  Clients can bring anything they want into this building.  I bet there are more guns downstairs than we can count."  That's because there are no metal detectors.  My organization believes in making clients comfortable.  Well, what happened to making them...and Sort of like the TSA saying that knives are okay, but a bottle of water isn't.  Go figure!!!

Yesterday I was waiting in line for my prescription and just happened to glance at the cigarettes...which, by the way, they keep by the register for a tempt you.  That's something I discovered in the early days of my quit.  Well, I was simply amazed at how many different brands there are.  When I first began smoking, I'd walk in a store and ask for a pack of Marlboro.  Today I would not only have to specify what color box, but what size, and did I want menthol or non-menthol.  It's the same with gum.  On the train there was an advertizement for Trident.  My goodness.  How many different flavors do they need? Don't ask me where I am going with this because I don't know myself.  I guess I'm just thinking about sensory overload.

Well, on a good note, had my checkup yesterday, and my blood pressure is now down to 140 over 82.  When I first met my doctor, it was 188 over 134.  Each month it steadily goes down some.  No longer high, it is now considered moderate.  My new health conscious diet is working.  However, I did gain two pounds.  Guess that comes from the Dove miniatures I have been snacking on at night.  Time to go back to the grapes.  Seriously, though, I find it easier to choose healthy snacks in the summer when there are so many different kinds of fruits available. 

Well, time to get a move on. I sure hope I get used to this new time soon. Hoping your Tuesday treats you well.


  1. Great news about your blood pressure!

  2. It is beyond belief, how the mind set of your work place works... Make the clients feel "good," is about it. Regardless of the people working there.

    Sounds to me, like an example of very, very Liberal Thinking.

    Heaven save us!!!!

    Very, very Liberal Thinking is now totally in charge of our Beloved Country.

    Heaven save us.



  3. I hate daylight savings too and wake up disoriented. I don't have to open up any place but I feel for your frustration. Regardless of daylight savings, arriving on time wherever your work demonstrates good work ethics. Is there any way you can write to someone about getting a metal detector? Yours and other staff member's is absolutely priority number 1!

  4. Mary, I'm so glad to hear that your blood . . . pressure is improving, that's great!

  5. Excellent news about the blood pressure! Keep up the good work. And I echo your rant about daylight savings. Just dumb!

  6. Oh Mary I truly dislike this time change. I usually can tell you what time it is by how light it is outside and now, ugh. I don't wear a watch,because I can't see the numbers and now I am forever looking for a clock. I so agree with so many different flavors of one thing. Come on are you going to tell me that they are selling that many of all the flavors to warrant making them? Maybe your blood pressure has to do with you knowing you don't have long now and you can do what you want to do when you want to do it. So very happy for you!

    Wishing you a day filled with excitement.


  7. Sad to seems that nowadays work ethic is just meaningless words. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am of the same makeup as yourself and can remember doing alot of muttering under my breath. Not that it solved anything...but was a release of some sort for me. ;0)