Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Little Thursday This and That

I've not mentioned this before, but I agreed to be interviewed on the blog You, Me & Religion.  Ironically, my interview will be presented on March 23rd, which just happens to be my birthday.  You can find the interview here:  You, Me & Religion  I've followed this blog for awhile now and have enjoyed reading the interviews of people from all different faiths.  I feel honored to be a part of this.

Speaking of religion, I've also come to a decision.  A few months back I spoke about The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the strong feelings I have each time I am near that church, not so much about the church itself, although it certainly is a special place, it is our Our Lady who seems to be beckoning me. So, I have made a plan that, even thought I'm not a Catholic, I plan to attend on Easter...or should I say I hope to attend.  I'm always too tired to do anything on the weekends.

It's my opinion that spirituality knows no boundaries. This is why I chose to become an Interfaith minister. All religions have their good in them as well as well as  tenets I don't believe in. I remember when I was studying for my ordination, I chose to get some extra credit not by writing an essay, but experiencing a religious experience first hand by attending  services at various religious institutions.  I went to a Methodist Church, a storefront Church, a Catholic Church, and a Mosque.

The day I went to the Mosque I was feeling a bit anxious.  After all, I knew I would stick out like a sore thumb, and I wondered if I would be accepted, but I really needn't have worried.  Never had I met such warm and wonderful people. They greeted me as if they had known me forever. I explained that this was my first visit and why I was there. One woman ran to get me a beautiful new scarf to cover my head while another took me to the ladies room and showed me how to cleanse myself for the service. Then, they led me to the upper floor where the women congregated.  I'll never forget the shiver that went down my spine when I heard the call to prayer.  Never had I heard anything so mystical, so magical, so beautiful.  I returned there several more times.  If only we could accept and love each other on a larger order, world peace would finally come.

Before closing, I'd like to share something with you.  It happened on my way to work yesterday.  They say that 'karma is a bitch', and I guess it is.  It may take a lifetime, a number of lifetimes, or even a few minutes, but it always gets you in the end.  So, the train was  fairly crowded yesterday and I stood near the door holding onto pole.  The man sitting on the outer seat saw me and kindly got up to offer me a seat.  Just as I was about to sit, the man who had been sitting next to him scooted over and took the seat right out from under me, almost tripping me.  Now, don't forget, I am on a cane, and the trains are wobbly at best, so, although there was a seat for me, I'd have to let go of the pole and balance myself to get, I ended up standing until we got to the next stop.  The man saw this, but didn't move an inch.  

Needless to say, and to get to the gist of the story, at the next stop I took the seat.  Maybe two minutes after I sat, his MP3 player went on the blink.  I watched as he frantically pushed buttons, but the darned thing wouldn't go on.  "Hmm," I thought.  "Karma really is a bitch."

Thanks for listening to me today. Have a wonderful Thursday.  Remember, the weekend is right around the corner.


  1. Although I am no longer a practicing catholic, I have attended church at times. I love the feel of the church, the antiquity of it. I have often attended the stations of the cross on good friday when the church is dark except for candles and incense fills the air. I have petitioned Mary throughout my life and consider her a goddess of compassion and healing.

    You're personal exploration of different faiths is amazing. We should all explore different things, meet different people before we judge. I am very interested in what people hold sacred.

  2. Yes the weekend is just around the corner. However I think George is on six days again. I seen a sign that said something like, Welcome to the Karma Diner, no menus, you will be served what you deserve. I wonder if this "man" will stop and think about his actions? Probably not.... What ever happened to respecting your elders? or women for that matter? It truly is sad.
    Wishing you a productive day!

    Love you! (((HUGS)))

  3. -smirk- Hoooooray for Karma!!!


  4. I'm just about to attend a Unitarian church and am looking forward to a beautifully instituted way on how to view spiritual religion. How wonderful that you visited other church's. And as for the jerk who took your seat, I have a feeling karma isn't done with him.

  5. As I've mentioned before, when I was younger I thought Karma was just something the Hippies had contrived. It was years later that I realized Karma is part of some of the worlds oldest religions. Today I truely believe in it.
    Another point for Mary ;^) X.

  6. Mary, what that man did to you on the train by not allowing you to have a place to sit was absolutely terrible!

    And I can't stand when some people discriminate against others due to their religious beliefs!

  7. Loved the Ending. THX for putting a smile on my face. :0)
    Again...a new design to your blog.
    Where do you get these lovely things and is it hard to do?

  8. Mary, I am so excited about your interview
    and thank you for putting a link to the site.

    I cannot wait to read the interview, or is it
    a talk radio site. I shall have to venture there and check it out.

    You go girl,
    this should be so interesting.

    hugs and love and best wishes