Thursday, March 14, 2013


Thank goodness it is Friday.  And I am not talking about going to work here.  You already know how I feel about that.  I'm talking about the subway.  Every day it seems there is some kind of adventure lately. Yesterday took the cake.  

I was seated between two men.  I had my cane between my legs, my bag on my lap, and was minding my own business while reading my Kindle.  At one stop, the man to my right got up to get off. Before I knew what was happening, a female college student raced to get the empty seat. I swear I never saw anyone move that fast to grab a seat.  She was carrying her bag over her right shoulder, and it brushed across me with such force that it totally cleared everything off my lap as she dove into the seat.  My bag, cane, and Kindle went flying.  And, you know what the most insane thing was?  Instead of saying she was sorry, she tried to blame me when I told her my Kindle better not be broken.  "You did it.  You did this on purpose," she complained.  My guess is that she figured if she said I did it on purpose she wouldn't have to replace my Kindle if it had broken.

Everyone nearby witnessed the entire episode and  just looked at her as if she was insane. Three people jumped in to help me retrieve my items.  Another woman looked at her and sneered, "Some people are just so desperate for a seat they don't care about anyone else."  My Kindle wasn't broken, and it wasn't worth arguing over. She made herself look like a fool.  Had she said she was sorry and been a bit humble she would have appeared in a better light.  

But, I made up my mind I wasn't going to let this  rent space in my head so I just shook my head and laughed over it. Time was when I would sit and stew all the way to my stop, but I've learned that sometimes it is just best to let go. What else could I do? One meets all kinds when they ride a New York subway. 

Well, this is a cooking weekend for me so you all know where I will be spending my Saturday.  Sunday will be quiet.  No company.  My son will be in Connecticut so the afternoon will be dedicated to rest.  Lately I am having a hard time climbing out of bed...even on my late days.  Guess I am just burning out. 

Well, here's hoping you all have a weekend filled with rest, relaxation, a lot of fun, and of course, may you be surrounded by love and light. See you all on Monday.


  1. Yes, those big bloody bags and backpacks that students haul around are a real menace on public transportation. I'm glad your kindle was okay!

  2. Mary, you know what? Sometimes when I think I'm having a bad day I think of you on the subway. My day is instantly easier. :)

    enjoy enjoy your days off!


  3. Leaving that daily subway ride behind, will be one of the most wonderful things, about retirement.

  4. I will never understand how honoring an elder is such a hard thing for some people to do Mary...sigh...I'm so glad however that others stepped up to help you retrieve your belongings.

    Do enjoy your weekend and get some rest when you are able. I'll be so glad when you don't have to do the work or subway thing anymore!!!

    Love and Gentle Blessings Sister...

  5. I can't imagine riding with that many people everyday. Let alone dealing with all of the rudeness that seems to have to go with it. I will be so glad when you are finished with all of that and the job too. I don't know why people are so down right rude any more, but they sure are and it doesn't seem to matter the age either.
    Wishing you a day filled with tranquility.


  6. Your title says it all... blessings dear friend..

  7. I'm so glad you were o.k. and that your Kindle wasn't broken. I'd be furious and so I really admire your whole attitude about the situation. Rest up this weekend and happy cooking.

  8. I grew up in the city of Toronto, so I understand about subway etiquette. When I was younger there were always incidents like, if I worked till pm and the trains were empty, men would flash you.

    I had this happen more than once too. One time the guy was standing right by the door and staring at me then he flashed me just as the doors opened and left me sitting there with my mouth hanging open in a kind of bewildered look.

    Another time there was an old man his seat was
    facing mine and the train was deserted again. He unzipped and flashed me and I got up and had to run past him to the other end of the train.

    Of course in rush hour I would always be afraid to get near the edge in case I got pushed onto the tracks. lol. So I would stand back at the wall. You don't get a seat very often when you do that.

    Now recently I have had to travel to Toronto to see specialists and travel on the Go train then connect with the subway once I reach Toronto.

    I notice a big change, many people bring something to read but the rest keep their eyes
    downward towards the floor, as in see no evil.
    Seats are first come first serve only basis so
    I did not get a seat on the subway or the Go Train.

    So I can relate to your blogs very well. The city has changed so much since I lived there I did not even recognize it. The bus drivers used to be so friendly but the whole energy of the city was different.

    I found it very stressful being in that atmosphere of hustle and bustle, everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere on time. I am a smiley person, always smiling, but I did not see one smiling face until I bought a pop from a news stand. A sweet Jamaican lady with a winning smile made my day. I stayed and chatted with her for a while.

    Hang in there Mary it won"t be much longer that you have to venture there anymore.

    It is almost St. Patricks Day
    Happy St. Patrick's Day Mary

    hugs and blessings

  9. One day...if she lives long enough! grrrrrr

    Could the not wanting to get out of bed be ...knowing that you have all that accrued time off that you have coming to you.
    Go ahead...take some days off. :0)

  10. I hope your weekend has been good thus far. I don't imagine the NY area is very quiet on St. Patrick's weekend, but I do hope you are getting some rest in between all the cooking!