Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prayer of Renewal

Ah, Tuesday morning, and it appears dark, dreary, and what; that is, from what I can see in this early morning darkness. The last full day of winter this year, but one would never think spring was on her way by the weather. Yesterday when I left work I walked right into an icy storm. And this morning it feels more like it is winter that is about to arrive tomorrow. But spring IS coming. She may not make her appearance tomorrow, but one day soon we will awaken and marvel at the warmth in the air and the budding plants as they push their way through the softening ground. And, even though it may not feel like she is here, there are plenty of things we can do to welcome her.

Spring is a time of birth and new beginnings. To me, it is a time to clear our space and make room for the new, something I already began this weekend. Give up your unwanted possessions which are only taking up space and give them away. In my case, it was to 'toss' them away.  I am definitely addicted to buying nail polish, and one would think that I had gorgeous nails. But, alas, I do the barest minimum to my nails. I just cannot resist buying the bright new colors of the seasons. So, out went anything over six months old.

Surround yourself with things that give you joy such as aromatic essential oils and candles. I recently went to the store and purchased several flower scented candles. Last night, the snow may have been falling, but my house sure smelled like spring. Begin a new hobby that you have wanted to do, but have never gotten around to it or sign up to take a class. I found a free Kindle book of patterns for crochet bags.  I just may take the plunge and see if I can still do it. Take out your journal and enter all of your goals and dreams for the future. Recently I've spent a good deal of time with my journal, mapping out what I want as I begin my new life.

I'd like to end this morning with the following Native American prayer which so reminds me of spring. It is so moving it brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

 Beginnings, fresh and clean,
part of the Sacred Wheel 
Each morning is a new opportunity, 
To share our love, our Souls, and Spirits, 
With those who choose to 
Walk this Path along with us, 
To learn the lessons of the Wheel,
 and grow closer, To The One Who-Created-All. 
Each day is fresh and unblemished, clean and pure. 
Look around, Rejoice in the New Beginning, 
The Sun rises again, our hearts beat within our bodies, 
We draw fresh Breath, and re-enter the World. 
Set aside the pain of past days, each day begins afresh,
 Build upon the past, its lessons and joys,
 Be strengthened by the love within, 
Reach out in love to those around us. 
For each day is a gift, given but once.


  1. It has been cool here, and this morning thunderstorms. But Spring will be here in her time not ours. It's funny, but in a few months we will all be complaining about how hot it is. After the hospital stays, I decided that I was not going to allow things to stock up and get out of control again. So once a month I go through my closet and drawers to make sure the items in there are used. If not out they go. I used to buy nail polish too! No more than three at a time on my sink now, file lays on the top of them. The prayer is beautiful, thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a warm and dry day!


  2. Happy looking forward to Spring...


  3. Even amidst the piles of snow outdoors, I see shoots sprouting up from the soil and I know that Spring has arrived.

    Here's to Spring and New Beginnings and Prayers that Loving Sisters Post!!! :)

    Happy Spring Mary!

  4. It's already Spring here in So. Cal but I like the internal changes you suggested for Spring time. Spring cleaning is definitely a good way to start off.

  5. You sound like a fresh breath of Spring! :0)

  6. Beautiful post! I am keeping my fingers crossed as spring inches near!