Friday, June 22, 2012

Update: Appointment Cancelled

I was getting ready to go for my medical when something told me I should check with my insurance first.  With the insurance I had on my old job, I could go anywhere I wished.  With the insurance I have now, they assigned me a doctor who I never met.  He was part of a plan which, whenever I called with issues, they would send me to the nearest open office.  So, something told me that I should call insurance to see if I 'could' go to the new clinic, and I am so glad I did.

Had I gone to my appointment without checking first, insurance would have paid nothing.  I would have been charged for visit, tests, bloodwork, etc., something I certainly cannot afford at this time.  So, the entire morning was spent on the phone back and forth between hospital clinic and insurance company, and I am pleased to say I have identified a 'good' doctor who I will meet on July 2nd.  


  1. -sighhhhh- The Brave New World of .... Insurance Companies Dictating Our Health Care. And they dictate which medicines our doctors can prescribe for us too, because the Ins. Co. have a list of meds they will pay for. Others, they will not.

    Our family is connected to health stuff, so we are all too familiar with this Brave New World. :-((((

    Hope "the Supreme Court " votes that Obama Care is unconstitutional. If not, just want till that booooondogggggle hits us.


    I'm so sorry that you got caught in this mess. Most people don't know about it, until they need care. And then...... -sigh-

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Mary, I am so sorry that on top of your medical problems you have to fight insurance companies that only add to your stress.

    Sending More Hugs and Healing Thoughts to You~~~

  3. glad you figured it out..don't have to deal with stuff like this here in Canada.

  4. ...change can be the passage within which we embrace growth ~ may the journey into new frontiers come with a blessed angel on either side of thee... ...xXx... ...Samanntha...

  5. Hey, glad you dodged that unnecessary expense! Good call!

  6. Oh Mary.....where have I been???? I just checked in with you and found your current the last few posts. I'm so glad you are being proactive here with your care. I'm sure they will not find anything too serious....and you will be fit as a fiddle soon. You are so right about our bodies being our temple....and the older we get.....the mortar starts cracking and falling down....take care of yourself......PLEASE!!



  7. The state of MA had that shit stuffed down their throat years ago, :0( Everyone is required to have health insurance or is FINED. Somehow the illegals get around it, but not the rest of us.
    Medicare use to have a prescription plan also.
    For five,six, or seven years now we old timers have to buy a prescription plan. According to the RX's you need...there is A PLAN FOR YOU at various prices. For the first two years, I took no RX'd meds....and still had to purchase a Plan. Gotta love it!
    (((hugs)))to you Mary. Pat

  8. Thank goodness you listened to your intuition. Sorry you are having medical issues. I will check with earlier posts to catch up.
    Love your new blog look - those pink flowers are sooo pretty!