Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday This and That

Oh my, it sure wasn't easy getting up today. Cooking weekends wear me down, but there is no way I would give them up and go back to cooking normally.  My job is just to draining to even 'think' about coming home and cooking every night, so spending every other Saturday shopping and cooking all the meals is well worth the respite I have on the other 13 days. We also had company most of the day yesterday, so not much catching up on rest for me.  

If one is not oneself a sage or saint, the best thing
one can do is to study the words of those who were.

Aldous Huxley

I am so excited.  I'm going back to school. Well, not exactly physically back to school, but I have taken the initiative to enroll in a free online course on the Kabbalah which is scheduled to begin on July 11th. Believe it or not, for  over 20 years I have been trying to do this. It's really something I want to learn, but each time I never completed.  I first began when I was still with my ex.  The marriage itself was so dysfunctional that studying something as deep as Kabbalah was nothing more than wishful thinking at the time.  My mind was just too scattered.  

Then, not too long ago I decided to take a stab at it, but the course itself was so boring it did little to hold my interest. This course looks different, like it will definitely hold my interest. I've watched a video explaining what we will learn, and the instructor has made it look like a lot of fun.  It will include Kabbalah Fundamentals on Wednesdays and You and Society on Sunday. It's so important for me to complete this.  As I stated before, it's been a dream that has spanned some twenty odd years, and, for a dream to span so many years, it must means it is supposed to be.  I don't want this one to fall by the wayside as so many others did.

I say this because when we are young we have so many dreams, don't we?  Not all can or will be accomplished. We grow up, mature, and our lives change and may take a different direction than ever we thought, and dreams are replaced by a different set of hopes and dreams. As we grow older, our attitudes about life change, and we begin to re-examine our lives and make adjustments to your goals. Frivolous dreams fall by the wayside, but some dreams, some dreams stay with us throughout our lifetime, and, if  you believe in reincarnation,  these are the dreams or lessons we have come here to fulfill. 

And, on another note, I am fit to be tied. Almost all of the plants in my window garden, which was growing so well, are gone. I checked them in the morning before I went to work, and they were fine; by the time I came home in the afternoon, they were gone. Disappeared.  And then I saws them. Wee little bugs.  I don't know where they came from.  My apartment is in the back and the windows open to a smallish concrete courtyard. There is no grass, no plants, so where did they come from?  I'm wondering if they weren't already in the kits that I had bought.  I'd actually bought them last year for a back porch garden, but when I saw how it flooded from my neighbor's awning, I held onto them for another time. Those little bugs were very prevalent in the garden over there. 

The basil is still there as well as an unknown herb, but the rosemary and the sweet peas are gone.  Grrrr!!!! It's strange.  My outdoor gardens grow like magic; indoors, I never have any luck. Any suggestions from you gardeners out there?  I don't want to give up, but how do I keep this from happening again?


  1. Good luck with your course! If you like it, maybe you could post a link to the site?

    I have also NEVER had luck with indoor gardens. However I can grow very well outdoors, so sorry - no advice here.

  2. Insecticide in a spray bottle, m/f.
    I swear they are born in the wind and find there way in.
    Anyway...once a week give them a good spritz.
    Wait...stop... wash the spices well before using if you do that.
    There are always "thorns" on those roses of ours. :0( (((hugs)))Pat

  3. I hope your Kabbalah course is everything you hope it will be -- sounds exciting! Sorry I have no suggestions about the plants and bugs issue.

  4. How exciting to not only take the Kabbalah course but to do something you've longed dreamed of. Timing is everything and it seems like it's the perfect time for you to revisit your dreams as you said. Wish I could help with the gardening situation but I have trouble with the simplest gardening tasks. Maybe a benediction/offering to Demeter may help?

  5. Good morning Mary....."When the student is ready....the teacher appears." Sounds like you are so very ready for this course in Kabbalah....You your mention of this sometime ago...i checked this out on the internet...but was a little bit afraid of venturing into this....perhaps I will do it yet. As far as the little bugs go....usually a mixture of dishsoap a water will often get rid of critters....but I believe yours were probably brought with you during your move. My to go buy some more rosemary and lavender...usually these are pretty buy hardy...keep a close eye...use clean soil and pray!! LOL LOL BTW....I've missed checking in with you...but it seems I've been pretty busy as of late and not spent much time visiting friend.


  6. I too have had good luck with using dishsoap and water, as well as a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper. These darned houseplant mites can the best of us. I would never use an insecticide on what gets eaten, as it does remain in the soil and root system of the plant. As well, it may not be too good for Kitty or You! You'd best change up your soil while you are at it in case of eggs and watch your other plants as they can jump plants too.
    How nice you had company this weekend. I hope it was a good time. :)
    My DD and Grandchildren are coming tomorrow to help me out with some things outside. Perhaps I'll end up grilling out? I know the kids would like that, lol. Marshmallows anyone?
    Sometimes I wish we lived closer Mary so I could help you out in the cooking department.
    Have a great evening and know that I adore ya!
    Big Hugs!!!

  7. Great News on the class! I almost forgot to mention it, lol.

  8. YOu are excited, about taking a course, which has been a long-held dream!!!! Wonnnnderful!!!!!

    Sorry about the indoor garden. But I'm not that good, at gardening, in or out, so I can't help. ,-)

  9. I've always been interested in Kaballah (being the shiksa that I am) but every book I've picked up has left me feeling....meh. One day, if it's meant to be, I'll find the path to meander.