Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midsummer Greetings

After the May time and after the June time
Rare with blossoms and perfume sweet,
Cometh the round world's royal noon time,
The red midsummer of blazing heat,
When the sun, like an eye that never closes,
Bends on the earth its fervid gaze,
And the winds are still, and the crimson roses
Droop and wither and die in its rays.

Unto my heart has come this season,
O, my lady, my worshiped one,
When, over the stars of Pride and Reason,
Sails Love's cloudless, noonday sun.
Like a great red ball in my bosom burning
With fires that nothing can quench or tame,
It glows till my heart itself seems turning
Into a liquid lake of flame.

The hopes half shy and the sighs all tender,
The dreams and fears of an earlier day,
Under the noontide's royal splendor,
Droop like roses, and wither away.
From the hills of Doubt no winds are blowing,
From the isles of Pain no breeze is sent, -
Only the sun in a white heat glowing
Over an ocean of great content.

Sink, O my soul, in this golden glory!
Die, O my heart, in thy rapture-swoon!
For the Autumn must come with its mournful story.
And Love's midsummer will fade too soon.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Wishing you all a blessed Solstice, and thank you, thank you from  the bottom of my heart for your kind words and well wishes.  For those who don't know, yesterday I didn't get the greatest of news.  Since then, I thought long and hard about how I am going to deal with this. All my life it has been my motto that if anything is wrong with me, I don't want to know.  I also felt 'it could never happen to me'.They call it 'denial' when they gave me my test results. Today I am 'glad' I know, I am glad that should it be the worst, I caught it when it was small before it spread.    In "Live to I Die" Frank Sinatra sang:

I'm gonna live till I die 
I'm gonna laugh stead of cry
I'm gonna take the town turn it upside down
I'm gonna live, live, live until I die.

And, by golly, that is going to be my motto.  First of all, the Cat Scan is not definitive, and a biopsy could show that it is only some old scar tissue.  But if it should be the worst, I am thankful that I did there in time, and I am going to live each day, no matter what should happen, in gratitude for this wonderful gift of life.  And from now on, I am going to take better care of my body, my temple.  Health check ups are number one on the list.  

Have a great Solstice.


  1. Oh Dear One, there seems to be so much sadness happening, in 'Blog Land' of late. And at the summer-time of the year, too. -sigh-

    But we can't influence anything, but how we deal with and learn from adversity.

    -sigh- Doesn't that sound Wise? Well, I know, no Wise Words really help and I don't want to try to say anymore of them.

    Just lots and lots of gentle hugs...

  2. glad you have the right attitude...i don't run to the Dr. for every little thing either, but get my mammogram and check-ups, like you said if you catch something early chances are for a better outcome. We'll be here with you ♥

  3. I know it's scary with the unknown factor of med. issues and I'm glad you're doing everything you can to check out the health concerns. May this solstice bless you with warmth and good health.

  4. You have written with grace. I am holding you in my thoughts and intentions, as are so many others. Be well!

  5. That's the attitude, Mary! Chin up, tits out! as my old pal Yellowdog Granny always says.

  6. Maybe five years back now...hubby had a serious case of Diverticulitis and the xray they took of his bowels somehow included the lower part of a lung that showed a spot on it.
    They followed up before he was discharged with an xray just of his lungs and there it was as seen in the other xray. For two years they took an xray of his lung every six months to see if it had grown.. Guess what! Spot went away. :0)
    Hang in there my friend...THIS could be YOU!

  7. Wonderful approach!!!! GO YOU! That's the attitude that will get you WELL.

  8. Old Blue Eyes gets me every time.