Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday This and That

Goodness gracious.  Is it Monday already?  I pulled that muscle again, just when it was well on its way to healing.  Silly me.  Will never learn to ask for help.  Friday, the small cap from my conditioner slipped from my hands and landed in the drain.  Last time I bent to retrieve it, I hurt myself.  So, why didn't I use that as a lesson?  I should have left it for hubby, because there is a drain there to stop it, and it wasn't actually going to go anyplace, but old habits are hard to break, and the tub in my old apartment didn't have this drain, so a small cap like that could signal a call to the plumber if not retrieved right away.  Hence, my natural reaction is to dive for it, and in the process, re-injuring an old sprain.

(This is a portion of my angel collection. I tried to place them so I could catch them all, but on a cell phone, that is not meant to be.  Many are still packed away.)

Took a walk to the 99 cent store on Saturday. Bought some studded hair clips, a furry kitty cat key chain, a lavender scented candle, and some incense called 'Perfumes of Ancient Times'.  I bought it not too long ago and total fell in love with it. I especially love sitting in my rocker, closing my eyes, and allowing myself to be transported back to another time and place.  

Speaking of the past, I'm hoping to soon receive the results on my matrilineal DNA test that will tell me which of the 'Seven Daughters of Eve' I come from.  It was delayed thanks to a mistake on my part.  I'd sent my money order and order information as required, but, problem was, in my haste and excitement, I sent a money order in the wrong amount.  I sent the amount needed for male DNA test which cost more than the one I had ordered. So, the money order was returned, and I had to patiently wait my money to be returned so I could buy another money order.  Finally happened and my DNA test was taken and is on its way to Ancestry. This time, everything was done very, very carefully.  

(My collection of faceless dolls.  I had six, but two broke in the move despite my best efforts.)

My mother-in-law liked to say they were faceless because they symbolized 'See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil'.  According to the Dominican culture, however, the dolls were faceless because the Dominican has no single face.  He or she is a mixture of three cultures--Tainos, Africans, and Europeans. I see this in my husband's family.  All 19, yes 19, children come from the same father and mother, but skin color and facial features vary.   Personally, I like both explanations. 

(And finally, a part of my Fairyland Collection.  Sorry it is somewhat blurry.  I tried over and over again to get a better picture, but to know avail)


  1. Mary, do you get to display it all?
    If you are like me, I bet you still feel the pains of loosing those two dolls in your move. Things like that...stay with me forever. sighhhhh
    Thanks for sharing those things that make your heart go pitter patter. (((hugs)))Pat

  2. You have some very sweet collections. 19 kids, wow! I can't imagine. It will be interesting to hear about your dna test results. Hope the back injury heals quickly. Have a safe, HEALTHY week!!

  3. Love those photos! And I'll be excited to hear the results of your matrilineal test. I hope your pulled muscle heals soon.

  4. that is a great explanation, never heard it before..i like your collection and i hope your sprain feels better soon

  5. Thank you for the delightful pictures!!!

    Oh no, you let an old habit, cause you to injure yourself again. Oh sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    Rest and taking care, are the healing way. I know you can't just lie around and rest though. But please, keep repeating to yourself; "I no longer have to dive for such a cap, because the drain will catch it." :-)

  6. Mary...I hope your pulled muscle heals quickly...I have one I'm dealing with too and it is very painful. Mine is in the shoulder...trying to reach behind me in the wrong way and there you have it. You are so right about old habits being hard to break!

    I love your collections...especially the faceless dolls and the stories behind them are pretty cool.

    I signed up for the Matrilineal DNA testing too but haven't heard anything yet. How awesome it is that you've already sent yours off! :) I can't wait to hear all about it!
    I hit the motherload over there yesterday with tons of info on my family. The more I dig the more I unearth. I have been spending all of my time just about doing nothing but this. I've even begun a book on our ancestry...
    I find it immensely rewarding, don't you?

    Hope your week is filled with peaceful moments, healing for your muscle, happiness in everything, and love beyond measure! :)

  7. Hi Mary.....thanks for sharing your lovely collections.....I especially like the faceless doll collection....and the information about your soul mate was very interesting.

    Stay well and take care of that back.