Monday, November 7, 2011

Update on This Morning's Post

I'm trying to look at this as something that wasn't meant to be, but I have to say, I am so, so disappointed.  I was approved.  Tomorrow I was to pick up the rest of the monies at the bank and complete the process.  The apartment was mine....until an hour ago.  Then, I get the apologetic call that the apartment had already been rented...a week ago.  This after I gleefully told everyone on the job that I had it.   Wondering if this is  really true or did someone else came around that is willing to pay more.  He DID take two of us to see the apartment Saturday.  Makes you wonder what really happened.

So, I guess it's back to the drawing board. Thanks so much to all of you for all your support.


  1. "A WEEK AGO"?!?!?!


    Gentle hugs,
    "To be admitted to Nature's hearth costs nothing. None is excluded, but excludes himself. You have only to push aside the curtain." ~Henry David Thoreau

  2. Oh dear, I am so sorry for you. How frustrating!

  3. oh that really bites, but who knows , maybe something better will be around the corner.

  4. WTF! I smell a rotten fish in Denmark.
    Someone offered more, but what can you do. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (((hugs)))

  5. So very sorry about this Mary! This is becoming a regular tribulation for you. Wish I could think of something comforting to say. Hugs. Robin.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :::pulling hair out of head:::

    Hopefully this was a big bullet you dodged and when you find your place, you will look back and say "whey, thank Goddess I didn't end up in that other apartment".

  7. I know this must be so upsetting and disappointing, but I do believe that everything happens for the best ... and this was not the best thing for you right now. I know, I know, this could be so annoying ... my daughter gets so annoyed with me when I say this to her ... and she say, "but Mom, it's been years !"
    Peace, Happiness and Abundance to ALL !

  8. Not to worry...

    that was not the one for you.

    You will know it when you find it.


    I would put hubbies income on the lease
    every little bit of income helps.

    You poor thing..

    I think maybe we both should wear an acorn around our neck, Mary.