Friday, November 11, 2011

Hallelujah !!!!

It's mine.  It's really, really mine.  The nightmare  that my present home has become is almost over. Got the call late yesterday.  "Congratulations, you've been approved."  "Are you sure, I asked?  Are you sure someone is not going to come out of the background and say they rented it already?"  "What?" he asked.  "Never mind, I say.  That's a long story."  Hubby was a bit 'iffy' because there is not too much counter space in the kitchen and continued hitting real estate agents, but when I got home I showed him all the things we can do.  "We need to get creative." I said  It will be fun. I've already lots of ideas in my head.

Hubby and I are not doing so well financially at this point.  Remember, I am the only one working right now; he is on unemployment.  We definitely need a living room set and lots of little items...curtains, throw rugs, bath set, etc.  I just can't see spending the money on an over-priced kitchen  utility table when I can be creative, and it will look much more homey.  I've a small stand which would be perfect for the coffee pot, and a rather heavy duty metal television stand we don't use.  My thought was to measure and get a square of wood, sand, and paint both the stand and the wood in a brownish color.  I'd thought of fall colors such as orange and gold, but don't want to lock myself in with a certain color scheme.  I love changes.   I also saw something called an over-the-sink cutting board which can act as counter space when I cook.  Oh, I can hardly wait for the 1st to get started. 

One thing I did learn from my experience is how manipulative and conniving real estate agents can be.  I do understand that they are out to make a living, but please, don't treat your customers as if they are stupid.  I know a good con when I see one.  After all we went through, even these agents tried to pull a fast one.  Originally, they had said the rent was $1150, but once they had us, they tried to raise it to $1200.  Not a big difference, but that $50 could come in useful someplace else...and I want what you promised.  Don't go back on your word once I sign the dotted line.  They knew hubby and I meant business and would pull out of the deal, so they got us the lowered rent. Anyone looking for or planning to look for a home or an apartment, be on guard.  They are out there to get you.  LOL!!! 

Wishing you all a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  Thanks so much for all the positive energies.  I know that you all had a lot to do with this.


  1. YAY!!! Mary I have been thinking of you and your quest for a new home and the stresses of living in your current home. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to hear this news! You will absolutely be creative and turn this into your home with your personal touches.

    My SiterWife had a MAJOR issue with a real estate agent just this week. Not knowing too much about the business, over coffee she and I talked about what was going on. Since I was a Real Estate Paralegal for almost a decade I called fowl and told her this woman was completely unprofessional and was bad news. SisterWife immediately call her, gave her a piece of her mind and fired her.

  2. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -happy sigh-

    Lots and lots of hugs!!!

    Oh and what a lovely Full Moon present. :-)

  3. Hurray!! I m jumping up and down for you, clapping my hands, and hollering!!! Now you can really get packing, and get outta there!! Take care and enjoy the weekend!! Hugs to you and your hubby!!

  4. GREAT NEWS Mary! And I know from experience, you can make anything work with a little imagination. I've seen on blogs where someone has taken an old desk found at a thrift store and made an awesome kitchen island. on wheels no doubt! Take a few minutes and explore the redo blogs, you'll see so many great ideas. If I find something, I'll send it to you. The hardest part now will be gathering up all your *stuff*, and wondering how you've accumulated so much! I'll visit again to see how your progress is coming along. Woot Woot:)

  5. Mary...this is truly one happy day! :) You've just made it so with your incredible news, ha ha! I know you will put your special touches to everything and make your new sacred space truly fit for Kings and Queens. I bet you are doing the happy dance all over the place, lol.

    Oh I wish you lived in my town...I've got tons of rugs and curtains and all kinds of doo-dads that would work for you...I'd have a fun giveaway. I agree you can do some wonderful makeovers with what you already possess. As for the metal stand and piece of wood, try sanding the wood and just buy some stain and polyurethane to give it a finished look and you won't have to worry about colors then? Just a suggestion.
    Well, here's to a day of celebration Mary and the richest of blessings to you as you move into your new home. When's the big day?
    All my Love Sister Soul! :)

  6. Being creative is part of making things work with what we have..congratulations on find a new place...hope the deal goes as it should...

  7. So glad! If you couldn't sleep last night, at least it would have been because you're excited and not because you're on your last nerve! Years ago I found a wonderful butcher block stand at a garage sale that was a fraction of the price it would have cost new. Estate sales often have sheets, towels, etc., that are practically new. Once you get settled, take a look around your new neighborhood and see what you can find from thrifting. It will be FUN to do that in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. And as a former Realtor, I agree that there are many who will take whatever they can get from you, but there are also ethical ones. I'm glad you dug in your heels. Congratulations!

  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see what you do!

  9. I know I already told you how great this news is. But I just remembered again, how happy you were. And so I came on line, to tell you again, how happy I am for you, my Friend!!!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs...

  10. O.M.G. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who hoo
    I am so happy for you and hubby...

    A brand new home.
    This is wonderful news. Gosh I gave so many things away free when I moved. All things that you could have used likely. I had to downsize.

    You know just work on it a little at a time.
    Only get the high priority things first.

    Well in Canada we call this day, Rememberence Day it is a day you certainly will remember.

    A toast to your new home
    may you and hubby find happiness there until the end of time.

    hugs and love Sharon

  11. that is the best news...i'm so happy for you all :)

  12. Congrats again! I am so happy for you! And yes, you will enjoy being creative and making this home your own.

    Rents are high, aren't they? Mine is even higher than yours, but for the view (overlooking a lake) I will do it - at least for a while.

    Hugs of joy!

  13. Congratulations!
    For what it's worth....rents are that high in MA. The grandson that's expecting his first child just moved to a two bedroom and that's what he pays.
    Once the stress of moving is over,,,I wish many happy memories in your new place. (((hugs)))