Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"The wild November come at last
Beneath a veil of rain;
The night winds blows its folds aside,
Her face is full of pain.
The latest of her race, she takes
The Autumn's vacant throne:
She has but one short moon to live,
And she must live alone."

Richard Henry Stoddard -

November is the ninth month of the old Roman calendar. It takes its name from novem, the Latin word for nine. In today's Gregorian calendar, it is the 11th month of the year. November begins in western tropical astrology with the sun in the sign of Scorpio and ends in the sign of Sagittarius. Today, November is one of the four months of the year that has 30 days...although in days past, the month once had 29 and 31 days. In November the weather begins turning cold and daylight saving time ends.

This is the first month of Winter in the Celtic natural year. The Anglo-Saxon's called this month Blotmonath, which means sacrifice month. This was the month in which they slaughtered their animals for food for the upcoming winter -- and offered animal sacrifices to the gods to protect them throughout the bitter cold season. The Welsh called it Tachwedd (slaughter) and the Irish November was Samhain meaning end of summer. As part of the seasonal calendar, November is the time of the 'Snow Moon' according to Pagan beliefs and the period described as the 'Moon of the Falling Leaves'.

Personally, this is a time of reflection, a time to begin the journey inward, into ourselves. We have confronted our mortality at Samhain, and now we begin to examine what is important in our lives.  And, as Thanksgiving fast approaches, memories of what once was always cross my mind.  When I was a child, it was always a joyous time when the family got together, one of the few times the family got together.  The other was Christmas.  Mom would put the turkey in the oven early in the morn, and grandma would come and help her with all the trimmings. Grandpa and dad would sit in front of the old black and white, and I'd be sent outdoors so I wouldn't be underfoot.  I remember it was so much colder back then.  The trees were bare, the sky gray, and the first few snowflakes would fall from the sky. 

The two gems appropriate for November birthdays as the Topaz and Citrine. 
Topaz can be found in many colors, but it is the orange topaz that is the traditional birthstone for November. The name topaz is derived from the Indian Sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire.  It releases tension and balances emotions. Topaz is a symbol of friendship. The name citrine is derived from the French word citron - lemon. Citrine is actually quartz crystal and is yellow to orange in color. It is often mistaken for the orange-yellow topaz which is the more expensive of the two birthstones.  Citrine is a  protective talisman that calms and soothes. Citrine is also said to help one connect with Spirit.

The chrysanthemum is the flower for the month of November. The word chrysanthemum comes from the Greek words chrysos  (gold) and anthhose (flower).  In the Black Forest region of Germany there is a Christian legend about  “The White Chrysanthemum”. One cold and snowy Christmas Eve, a peasant family was sitting down to a meager supper when  heard wailing outside their door . At first they thought perhaps it was the wind but after hearing the sound  repeatedly,  they opened their door to find a beggar standing at the door.  The poor man, who was blue and freezing with cold,  was  brought into their home, wrapped him in blankets, and shared with him their modest meal. To their amazement, the beggar shed his blanket and revealed he had shining white clothing and a halo around his head. e explained that he was the Christ child and left. The next morning, outside the door where he had stood, were two white chrysanthemums.  Even now, on Christmas Eve,  many Germans  bring white chrysanthemums into their homes in the belief they are sheltering the Christ Child.

"Have you ever noticed a tree standing naked against the sky,

How beautiful it is?

All its branches are outlined, and in its nakedness

There is a poem, there is a song.

Every leaf is gone and it is waiting for the spring.

When the spring comes,

it again fills the tree with

The music of many leaves,

Which in due season fall and are blown away.

And this is the way of life."

- Krishnamurti-


  1. November is not my fav month... What with how it becomes rainy and damp and cool and ........

    But I had my *Grumpy Nov. Day.* And now I'm perking up. The sun is shining and I most certainly SHOULD perk up.

    Hope Nov. is a good month, for you, my Dear.

    Gentle hugs,
    "November comes
    And November goes,
    With the last red berries
    And the first white snows.

    With night coming early,
    And dawn coming late,
    And ice in the bucket
    And frost by the gate.

    The fires burn
    And the kettles sing,
    And earth sinks to rest
    Until next spring."

    - Elizabeth Coatsworth

  2. I love the poem about the tree and the history of November, and yes, it was much colder when I was young too.

    Happy November Mary
    huggies Sharon

  3. My Mother was a Sagitarius and was not the easiest person to live with, I can tell you.

    I have been thinking of her a lot today
    and rightly so.


  4. Hi dear Mary.....I like this post about November....I always learn something I didn't know. I have actually spent most of my life doing major reflecting......looks like I'll go into over drive in November. That's a good thing. (O: