Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Day After

For those who believe,
No proof is necessary.
For those who don't believe,
No proof is possible.

~ Author Unknown ~

Halloween has come and gone.  Yesterday was a good day.  No, it turned out to be a 'great' day. Actually, I was the only one in any kind of costume, but,  hey, I was happy, and it made the client's happy...and that's what matters. I believe that we 'never' have to give up the fun of childhood., that it can always be found within.  We didn't have the karaoke because my co-worker forgot to bring it, but we did have music so we made up a dance contest and had lots of laughter. 

As usual, no children came to the house.  Children here in the city don't go 'Trick or Treating' at night anymore.  Instead, they go out early afternoon and are snug in their homes before I get out of work.  And, they usually don't go to private houses, either, only the stores.  It breaks my heart that children today  cannot enjoy the childhood delights that we always took for granted.  The world was so much safer back then.

I'm kind of surprised at myself for having such a good time because I was pretty darned tired.  I'd spent most of the night tossing and turning.  We'd gone to look at the apartment one last time and decided it was too small, but he did have another apartment up on the 6th floor that was somewhat larger.  It had a great view.  Could actually see my beloved ocean from my kitchen window.  We decided we were going to accept it, and the super asked for $200 to hold it...because they had already made up the lease on the other apartment for us, and he wanted to make sure we were really intent on taking this one.  We didn't have that kind of money on us, and my bank was closed.  Hubby said he could get it from his account, and I asked the super to wait until the next day.

Seek always for the answers within.
Be not influenced by those around you -
by their thoughts or their words.

~ Eileen Caddy ~

The man was definitely pressuring us, and I didn't like it.  I guess my intuition was kicking in. This is a place that we were going to be locked into for two years.  When we left, we were pretty much sure we were going to take it, and all the way home, hubby and I talked about how 'it is the best deal we can make', 'it's such a great area'.  We even started making plans.  Then, when we went to bed, my mind started racing...'where am I to put this?' and 'how will are clothes all fit in such small closets?'  and 'there's absolutely no storage space, where do I put the Christmas stuff?' and 'what about the bedroom television?' Although the living room was larger and the kitchen had room for the table, the bedroom was smaller.  I tossed and I turned and kept trying to visualize the place when it was furnished...and  over and over again the same things kept popping up.  Where do I put everything?  Suddenly, hubby said, "I think it's too small.  I don't think we should take it."

And I realized then that his mind had been racing just as mine had been, and we decided at 2:30 am that we weren't going to take it.  It's the perfect place for one person, but not for two.  We called the super today to tell him our decision, and I am sure he 'never' wants to hear from us again.  But, the way I look at it is, if you're not lying there awake for joy over something, but instead suffering angst and ruminating about you'll be able to manage things, then it is definitely not for you.  

I just know that the right place is out there waiting for me.  I just have to be patient.  When the time is right, it will be there for me. 

So, tell me about your Halloween/Samhain.  I wasn't able to do much.  My house is in such a disarray right now.  But, just before bed, I dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, and asked my ancestors to show me the way.


  1. Spent my time in the woods, like a good pagan;) X.

  2. I'm happy you and hubby are on the same page Mary and are listening to your intuition. You don't have to settle for less than you need.

    As for Samhain, mine was relatively quiet, the Grands came over and we chatted for a bit, and they'd had a busy evening visiting relatives and such, collecting their goodies.
    They got a wonderful photo of them with their Great Grandfather as it was his birthday yesterday.

    I spent a nice quiet evening honoring my ancestors, candlelight and prayers, and then nodding of to Dreamland. It was wonderful!

    Blessings Abundant on this first day of November Mary!!! :)

    Take good care my friend!!!

  3. Intuition .... can never go wrong listening to that Wisdom.

    Your perfect apartment is out there Mary. You will find it.

    We did the usual trick-or-treat in our suburban neighborhood filled with running children until dark. I was Medusa, Littleman a Zombie and The Husband was Charlie Sheen. It was a blast.

  4. Hoping it all works out for you and the SOONER the BETTER. (((hugs)))

  5. You will simply know when you tour the right apartment. It will just feel right. A gift from the Universe just for you and hubby.

    and you are already packed and ready to go...

    hugs Sharon