Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Roundup

And what a week it was! 

I've been taking care of my neighbor's cat while they are away.

Her name is Isabella, and I am in love.  She is the sweetest little thing. Purrs and rolls over to have her belly scratched. 

Had a great time at the party....although dancing was out for me.  I did do the Electric Slide and a bit of the Irish Jig but really felt it in my back.  Seems I now have bursitis of the sit bone and my right hip is aching a bit.   Grrr!!!  What next is going to go wrong with this old body?  

On a plus side, I did win second place with my socks.  $20.  I sure can put that to good use.  And I did do a bit of the Irish jig with a friend....until it really started aching. 

 Let the dancing begin.

Henry is 86 years old, almost blind and deaf in one ear, but boy can he dance.  He doesn't stop from the time the music begins until it ends.  Even has to change his shirt because he works up quite a sweat.  Lunch that day was baked potato, asparagus, and baked salmon.  I don't eat seafood so I had the alternate--chicken cutlet.

This is my friend Mary.  She had cancer surgery about six months ago and now is showing signs that it traveled.  Her first step is a biopsy of her thyroid.  She is so upbeat.  There are no 'why me's' from her.  Please say a prayer that all goes well for her.

We have some new groups at the center.  On Friday we have a group called 'Connect Through Creativity'.  Each week we are given a question to discuss.  This past Friday we met for the first time and set the rules and each gave a word for the coming year.  Mine was "Hopeful".  As my chronic pain condition deteriorates, I continue to remain hopeful about my life.  Then we discussed what we wanted for the New Year.  Each week a question will be asked and important words noted.  At the end of the 8 weeks of the group we will take the important words and make a poem of them to be published in the monthly newsletter. 

We also have games on Wednesday mornings.  First time I ever played Yahtzee.  I love it and look forward to it.  

A new group started on Wednesday afternoon--Pa Parla Italiano.  The group will focus on Italian culture and cooking--right up my alley. However, same person is in it that ruined the Wellness Group, and they are doing the same thing--talking about themselves.  And then there is a new guy who sat across from me picking his nose and flicking it off.  Disgusting.  Don't know how long I'll stay in this group unless changes are made.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. You always have so much going on! We have none of that here, so I really enjoy reading your blogs. Congrats on the sock win!

  2. Boy, you guys know how to party! And we like playing Yahtzee too -- I only learned how to play about 10 years ago -- never played it as a kid.

  3. Connect through Creativity sounds great. We used to play yahtzee a lot - the winner got out of household chores. It is a heap of fun.

    1. I would be getting out of that last group. Fast.

    2. She is such a nice intern, but I cannot take the person who wants all the focus on themselves. Will give it another week or two.

  4. Oh! How I adore Isabella!
    Yeah...2nd prize is great!
    It is nice that you get out among others.
    I am so sorry that you are in pain 💮

    1. I love her so much. So glad I have three days off now to spend more time with her.

  5. My gosh, you did the Irish Jig! Although you are paying for it with pain now, that you danced a difficult dance is just wonderful. Good for you. You are a fun lady.

    Isabella is a beauty.

  6. Aww, Isabella is so pretty! I think I would be in love with her too. I think it is great that you can dance - I, myself, have "two left feet" and cannot dance to save my soul. LOL!! You have so much fun! ;)