Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hitch your wagon to a star.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Good morning everyone. Slept a little late today, and it felt good. Wish I could do it more often, but I think this was a little catch-up from the night before. I was so excited when I got home from my son's  play Sunday night that I had a lot of difficulty falling asleep and then woke up at my usual early hour. So my little sleep-in this morning was very much needed.  

Had a wonderful time at the play, and I was such a proud mama.  He has worked so hard for this and got so many claps and cheers.  It was an awesome experience for me, one I will never forget.  Wish my mouth had felt better, but I keep reminding myself this could take months.  Part of me was glad that no one went out to eat afterwards.  It was pouring when we left, plus everyone had to get up early to be on set. 

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  First time I saw him in awhile.  Didn't get yelled at too bad. Did get a lecture though. (In one ear and out the other). Actually my appointment went well. Got my note for Weight Watchers. Now hopefully they will raise my goal weight. That's the one thing I find unfair with Weight Watchers.  I pay $44 a month and have never missed a week, yet I never get a break.  Someone comes in with only 7 pounds to lose and once they lose it, usually in a couple weeks, they become a Lifetime Member and get to attend for free.  I understand that they cannot give free to all of us, but I don't find that fair at all, and I feel they should do something for us regular members, some sort of incentive. 

Got an appointment for the ophthalmologist for Thursday evening. Definitely need to see him. My eyes are getting worse. Also had my blood drawn. I will say he was very gentle. I appreciated the fact that when he found my vein was rolling he pulled out and said, "I am going to try the other name. I don't like jabbing a patient." The second arm was okay and didn't feel a thing.

Next week I am off to register for school.  Can't believe it is that time already.  My correspondence classes are the ones that offer me my certification, but the campus classes offer me the opportunity to social and make new friends.  Hoping they have some good courses this year.

Have a good one.

My blood pressure was normal at the doctors yesterday. It's usually fairly normal here, the highest in months has been 144 over 90 but usually spikes when I see the doctor--white coat hypertension. Yesterday it was 134 over 84. I think that's because I was feeling strong when I went. Wasn't going to be bullied into running here and there to see doctors at this point....although he really never has bullied or never wasted time sending me to 10 different doctors like my doctor in Lutheran did.


  1. Oh, those doctors' visits, how I hate them! I stop eating sweets a week or so before going, but start up again as soon as the appointment is over. There are times when I feel that these appointments have become my new social life. However, most of the time I get a good result and life goes on. I just get very anxious when they are all bunched together.

    How proud you must be of your son's talent. When they work so hard at something and succeed, our hearts swell so much for what they have accomplished. Congratulations to you for being an aspiring mother and to him for a job well done.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment.

  2. Congrats to your son! I'm glad his performance was so well received!

  3. I'm so glad you had such a good time!