Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday This and That

Webs of strange patterns we weave (each owns)
From colour and soul; and like unto these,
Soul has its tones and semitones,
Mind has its major and minor keys.

Amy Levy

Good morning everyone. It's going to be another hot one, for sure, but a beautiful morning nonetheless. Had a fairly good night's rest last night and aside from some mouth soreness, feeling pretty good this morning. Sleep does wonders. Too bad a good sleep is hard to come by nowadays.

Now it seems that a small slice of bone is working its way through the skin in my mouth.  They say this is quite common when teeth are extracted, but it is quite uncomfortable....and is made all the more uncomfortable by my tongue which appears to have become obsessed with it. Honestly, it's like my tongue has a mind of its own.  If it's not rubbing over the sores that my bottom denture has made, I find it constantly rubbing across the sharpness of the bone. IIt isn't a conscious thing. I have to make a conscious effort to stop it but I usually just end up doing it again once my mind is on other things. As a result, both spots are always pretty sore.

Nothing really on my agenda this morning. No place to go,nothing to do. No money to spend. Guess I will just be staying in today. Have lots of things to do. I want to sort out my shirts today and refold nicely. Also want to search for Autumn tablecloth and curtains. Always like to be ready ahead of time....and Autumn is right around the corner.

After more work on my course, I plan on doing a little reading. Just going to take it easy. Never had this choice when I was working.

Have a good one and stay cool.


  1. Your poor tongue and mouth! I hope things improve soon!

  2. Ouch.
    I hope you can take it easy - and stay cool.

  3. That happens to us all when there is a sore spot in our mouths. The tongue can't help itself. I hope things get better soon.