Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday This and That

That's the thing about pain.... It demands to be felt. 
 John Green 

Took a nice slow walk to church yesterday morning.

Good morning everyone.  Well, after a good rain the humidity has finally least for a few days.  Time to throw open the windows and air the house out. Wish I had something to do, but I am planning on a trip to the park tomorrow...which looks like even a nicer day.  

My teeth are improving.    I had my salad last night for dinner. It tasted yummy, but it hurt to chew it. Guess I tried to rush things. The dentist did say 4 to 8 weeks of healing. It's that darn bone that sticks out.  From what I understand this bone issue happens frequently. It stems from the bone between teeth. It shatters when teeth are extracted and the body feels they are a foreign object so works to rid itself of them. I did have it happen before, but I wasn't trying to cover it with a denture so it didn't rub and create pain.  Dentist told me it will eventually either work its way out or reform itself. Just have to be patient and wait.  Still have about 4-8 weeks to go before my gums are heeled enough to get my permanents. 

Working on my new course and so far it is very interesting. 'Healing with Enzymes '.  We don't tend to pay attention to their effects on our health.   Already skipped ahead and took the Enzyme Deficiency Test and it appears I have a dominant Protease Deficiency and a secondary Lipase Deficiency. One day I will post the test here for you all.

Also enrolled in a two day Reiki certification course on September 24th and 25th.  Long hours and means giving up my weekend, but I always wanted to do this and the opportunity arose so I am grabbing it.   Never could find the time to do these things while working.  And then, sometime in September or October she is offering a class on crystals.  Looking forward to that one as well.  

Have a good one. 


  1. You're taking some interesting classes!

  2. Can't they fix the denture to fit over the bone? I am going through something similar and the dentist is shaving the appliance so the denture does not rub on the gum. I have to wait a week to wear it as it caused some abrasions that need to heal. I am hoping all will be better next week.

  3. He did shave it down and it is pretty good until I try to eat something that requires a bit of chewing. Then it rubs. Finally the bottoms are good, but it's that little bone issue that bothers me.

  4. Glad things are improving.

    I know for myself, I certainly get impatient from time to time.