Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Ramble

 Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur. 

Muriel Spark

Good morning, everyone.  They are calling for some rain today, but that won't keep me in today.  Mother's Day will be celebrated at the Center with a fantastic meal--stuffed shells, meatball, salad, and if they follow the protocol for other holidays, a very special cupcake.  And best of all, on Thursday lunch is only fifty cents.  Can't beat that for an Italian meal.  The cooks at the Center may not vary their menu much (which is one of the biggest complaints), but they sure do know how to cook.  

Speaking of lunches.  Sat with Annie again yesterday, and more and more I grow to love and admire this woman.  She brings a special aura to the lunchroom table. I must get a picture.  Soon to be 99, she lives each day to the fullest and focuses on the positive.  She is bouncy and bright and never has an unkind word for anyone. And her sense of humor?  Oh my, does she make us laugh.  For example, yesterday was her day to utter the fruit juice toast we give each other before lunch begins... 

"Here's to those who wish us well
and those that don't can go to hell."

I absolutely love her.

Yesterday was the last day for the social work intern who facilitated our ladies group.  To show our gratitude we got together and gave her a card and a small party during our last group. I, for one, will definitely miss her.  It was a tough crowd, and she really did her best.  Next week a summer intern will be starting and will pick up the group.  This one has more clinical experience in running groups.  I am anxious to see how she handles the group. 

Last month I had been approached about running it, but after years of running so many groups a week, I am totally grouped out.  Teaching  my peers about genealogy and helping them find their ancestors is about all I care to do.  

I've been wanting Mexican food in the worst way so last night I made a pot of chili and yellow rice.   With a slice of avocado, it sure tasted good. 

Later I watched the season finale of Criminal Minds.  Another favorite show. Actually, I loved the show so much that when I was studying for my degree I took courses such as Deviant Behavior, Abnormal Psychology, etc.  I wanted to be a behavioral analyst, but it was not the sort of career that one starts at age 50.  So, I became a substance abuse counselor and worked, originally, only with clients on parole.  That was about the closest I was going to get. 

Well, that's about it. Nothing much of sustenance here. I don't want to start rambling so badly it gets boring.  Hoping you all have a great day.

Spring may boast her flow'ry prime,
Yet the vineyard's ruby treasures
Brighten autumn's sob'rer time.
So life's year begins and closes;
Days, though short'ning, still can shine;
What, though youth gave loves and roses,
Age still leaves us friends and wine....
Thus may we, as years are flying,
To their flight our pleasures suit,
Nor regret the blossoms dying,
While we still can taste the fruit.

Thomas Moore, "Spring and Autumn"


  1. Your friend at the center sounds like a wonderful woman and so much fun! It's so great that she's so positive at 99. I think that's one of the things that laughing a lot does for one. It sure is a healthy thing to do. :)

    Have a lovely day, Mary. Dinner sounds yummy!