Friday, May 18, 2012


Nothing is there beyond hope
Nothing that can be sworn impossible
Father of the Olympians
Made night from mid-day
Hiding the bright sunlight
And sore fear came upon men.

Archilochus from a fragment of a poem when there was
a total eclipse of the sun on April 6, 648 B.C.

Just two weeks after we were treated with the huge 'Supermoon', which, unfortunately, many of us did not get to see, this Sunday we will be treated to an annular solar eclipse that will be visible from some areas of United States, northern Mexico and Canada. This is the first annular eclipse visible from the United States in 18 years. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we here on the East coast will see this event either.  In fact, the next solar eclipse visible here in New York on Monday, August, 21, 2017.  

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun's light is blocked from the Earth. A solar eclipse is also a New Moon, while a lunar eclipse is a Full Moon. During the partial phases of a solar eclipse, the moon gradually covers the bright disk of the sun.    An annular solar eclipse occurs the Moon's umbra does not reach all the way to the Earth's surface. This can happen when the Moon is near or at its farthest position from earth. In this case, the Moon appears too small to cover the Sun completely.

So, anybody have any special plans for the weekend. I've decided that I am going to do NOTHING, absolutely nothing but eat, read, and rest. I've nothing planned for this weekend.  If anything, perhaps a short walk to the fruit stand.   The weather is going to be super, but they're still working on the subway tracks over the weekend,s so the train doesn't stop at my station. To get to the beach I will have to go back in order to go forward...which also involves a lot of stair climbing, something I can no longer do.  But, the entire summer lies ahead of me, so there will be plenty of time. 

Here's hoping that you, too, have magnificent weather and a wonderful weekend.  See you all on Monday.  


  1. hope you have a good weekend yourself

  2. THAT's my kind of weekend !
    Remember when.... Friday meant dancing and staying OUT LATE?
    THOSE were OUR days, the good old days. Now we'll leave THAT to the younger generation and
    rest on our merits. ;0)
    Enjoy your weekend Mary. (((hugs)))Pat

  3. Sounds like a good plan Mary.
    Too bad you can't get to the
    Pow Wow they are having in
    Brooklyn this weekend...that
    would certainly energize you!
    I forget just where but I'm
    sure I could find it if'n ya
    wanna go.
    I'm spending time in Water
    Ceremony this weekend and
    doing much inner work.
    Sending you lots of love
    and hugs Dear Beloved One!

  4. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I will be weeding my gardens. All those friggin helicopter seeds from the Maple tree have decided that they want to root in about 50% of my gardens. Oy vay.

  5. So glad to hear that you have the perfect weekend planned!!!

    "You cannot open a book
    without learning something."

    ~ Confucius~

  6. That is a beautiful photo; I found your post very informative, thank you!