Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Welcome children of the Spring,
In your garbs of green and gold,
Lifting up your sun-crowned heads
On the verdant plain and wold.

As a bright and joyous troop
From the breast of earth ye came
Fair and lovely are your cheeks,
With sun-kisses all aflame.

In the dusty streets and lanes,
Where the lowly children play,
There as gentle friends ye smile,
Making brighter life's highway

Dewdrops and the morning sun,
Weave your garments fair and bright,
And we welcome you to-day
As the children of the light.

Children of the earth and sun.
We are slow to understand
All the richness of the gifts
Flowing from our Father's hand.

Were our vision clearer far,
In this sin-dimmed world of ours,
Would we not more thankful be
For the love that sends us flowers?

Welcome, early visitants,
With your sun-crowned golden hair,
With your message to our hearts
Of our Father's loving care.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

It's funny how something as simple as a dandelion can set off such vivid childhood memories. Having grown up in the country, they were among the first flowers to appear in the green lawns of early spring. Well, many people view the dandelion as a common lawn pest, but to me, it was and always will be a flower. One of my fondest childhood memories is of picking dandelion bouquets and bounding through the kitchen door with a handful of sunny yellow dandelions, presenting them to my beloved grandmother with a big smile saying, 'For you, grandma', and she never let on that, to her, they were a weed. She always acted like I had presented her with the most special gift in the world.

Did you ever pick dandelions from your yard and make wishes before blowing them apart? Find a white-headed dandelion, make a wish, and then try to blow the seeds off with one breath. If the seeds all leave at one blow, your wish will come true. Otherwise it will not. 

*On a sad note, little Avery died yesterday.  That little girl really touched my heart. When I read the news, I was at work, and I couldn't stop the tears. That angel had been placed here for a reason, and she touched the lives of millions of people. For me, her gift was to stop feeling sorry for myself and live each day to the fullest.  May she dance with the angels.  Rest in peace, dear one.


  1. Dandelions get a bad rap and it's so unfair.

  2. last year my yard was a blanket of yellow, as I refuse to spray and kill the many wildflowers that some refer to as weeds. Although I cussed the little boogers each time I went out to mow and their pollen refused to let me be, this year I miss them.

  3. Oh yes, I blew on dandelions! If one grew up in the country, one did.

    Not so sure, if one grew up in the city, though... Do children in the city, see enough dandelions, to learn to blow them???

    "A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be.
    I'd like to see anybody make me wash,
    if I didn't wanna."


  4. I didn't grow up in the country but I did still view the dandelion as a favorite spring-time flower and still do, lol! In other words I love them. Now as a Grandmother my little ones pick a bouquet for me and bring them in.
    I love being able to make a big to do over them and tell them how much I love the flower and how lucky I am to get the bouquet. They always end up smiling from ear to's a win-win situation. :) My Grandaughter was
    blowing on them just a few weeks ago as a matter of fact and one could have a hayday here right now as my year is full of seed just waiting to be blown. I wonder how many wishes are held out there?
    Great Photos Mary!!!
    Have a Fantastic Day Sister of my Heart!!!

  5. I love a field (or yard) of the white headed dandelions. My son and I always pick one and make a wish.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Avery. That entire story was just heartbreaking.