Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Quote

Life, like any other exciting
story, is bound to have
painful and scary parts,
boring and depressing
parts, but it's a brilliant
story, and it's up to us
how it will turn out
in the end.

--Bo Lozoff--

This will be a busy weekend for and shopping again.   So fast the weeks are passing by--too quickly! Why is it that as we grow older time passes through our hands more and more rapidly?  I wonder. 

On Sunday, my boys will be paying me a visit, and after they are gone, I plan to spend some time in silence honoring my female ancestors and thanking them for the gift of life, honoring them as the source of who I am. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day full of love, peace, and joy.  And remember, you don't have to be a biological mother to someone.  Mother's Day is for all of us.


  1. Happy Mother's Day my Sweet Soul Sister! :)

    Try to get some rest on Sunday too!

    I too will be honoring my female Ancestors...
    Isn't it something we all came from the Original Womb? We all hold the Mother Blood.
    How incredible is that?!!!

    Love Ya Darlin'est!

  2. Wishing you, Mary, a wonderful time with your sons, and enjoying Mother's Day. Hope the weather will be fine!

  3. Enjoy your weekend. Even the cooking part. :-)

    "When green buds hang in the elm like dust
    And sprinkle the lime like rain,
    Forth I wander, forth I must,
    And drink of life again."

    ~A. E. Housman