Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something For You

(The picture above is of my work space when we first moved to our new office in August.  It is much neater now that everything has been organized.  Of course, my little stuffed critters remain.  They've travelled with me now through three different jobs)

The true friends who we meet online 
Are a very special kind ...
They pierce your shields and see within
The corners of your mind.

They're always there when you're in need

With their power to discern;
They feel your pain, they offer hope
And genuine concern.

We bare our souls, expose our hearts,

And show our inner fears;
And then before you know it ...
The keyboard's stained with tears.

And if we could see them through that screen,

Then no one could deny ...
That to be a TRUE online friend,
They too must surely cry.

--Author Unknown --

It has long been recognized that friendship plays a central role in a meaningful and happy life.  However, when I look back over my life, I've had only one true friend...and we parted many years ago when our lives took different directions.  Since that time, I've had acquaintances, but not someone I could truly call a friend.  It's always been hard for me reaching out and trusting others; I've been hurt to many times.  But here, in the world of blogs, I've found something I've been missing for a good many years.  I've found friendship.  
Each of you has brightened my life in some way and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you all for being such a special part of my life.


  1. I don't know what I would do without my bloggy friends. Since I started blogging around 5 years ago and closed and opened and closed and opened new blogs....I've got a following of a the ones that have stuck through my changing. These are the people whom I cherish reading and cherish their words of wisdom.

  2. You, Mary, always have wonderful words, thoughts, poems, ideas to share. I look forward to your presence in the blog-o-sphere everyday. Thank you for your friendship. Hugs.

  3. I've only had a handful of close pals, one by one, over the years, in my life..... And none, in a long, long time in Real Life. Thanks to folks like you, who make me feel, less *odd,* because of this. Seems like *the-whole-world* has loads and loads of pals/friends.

    But yes, Net friendships do fill a void.

    But then, do they *really?*... is the recurring question.

    Or am I fooling myself? Am I somehow not-normal? To not be seeking out a Real Life Circle of Friends?

    A marvelous topic to throw out there, Mary! Wondering how many of us, there are? Who don't do the usual lots-of-pals-dance, all our lives? Wonder how many, would admit to it? ,-)

    Welllll, I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Smoochies to you, Mary! Blog buddies rock!

  5. One "True Friend" is my story too. We met when we were both thirty. Ten years later she moved to AK and I have been fortunate to see her twice since then. Now it's phone calls that keep us connected. :0)
    Maybe it's just our personalities Mary that keep us from making other friendships. With me, it's like No One Can Fill Her Shoes.
    Then too, it takes more time than I feel I can give to nurture a friendship.
    Like yourself ,I'm glad we have our blogger friends that understand us and accept the time we are able to give to them.

  6. Thank you for posting this heartfelt post of yours today, for this has made my day feel brighter, and I love those small bells that are hanging from your computer screen.

  7. I, too, am so very grateful for all of my blog friends. I include you in that group, Mary!

  8. Good morning Mary.....I haven't been here for a while....."puppy" know. LOL LOL LOL Anyway, this was a wonderful post to click on this morning.....I consider you an online friend as well....thanks for this.



  9. Mary...I'm looking at the woman in the mirror, always with you Dear Sister/Friend! :)

    I'm so grateful that we have connected here on Blogger as I look forward each day to reading what you post...albeit sometimes I make it over and sometimes I don't, lol.

    I love looking at your little office eyes were drawn to the sea shell right away. My Water Sister!!! Oh Yeah!

    You are a Blessing to Many online friends. I know this deep in my heart Mary and I am grateful beyond measure for you!

  10. What you wrote is how I feel. One blotter in particular (Bridgets daughter) has helped me dig out of the darkness after my daughter's passing. Thanks for a beautiful post and making us all feel more normal in our choice of friends.

  11. Reading your words for the last few years has been joyful, sweet and though-provoking. The way you write with such honesty is a gift and one of the reasons people keep coming back to hear your stories.

    YOU are a treasure!

    Love & Hugs!