Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Halcyon Days

We are now about to enter the Halcyon Days --the seven days prior to and the seven days following the Winter Solstice, being the fourteen days commencing around December 14th and ending on the 28th. Among sailors, it is the two-week period of calm weather before and after the shortest day of the year, approximately December 21st. The name originates from the Greek goddess, Alcyone.

According to the ancient myth, Alcyone was married to Ceyx, the Morning Star. The pair were very happy together until the time came when Ceyx decided that he must take a perilous journey across the sea, leaving his beloved wife behind. Alcyone foresaw nothing but disaster and told Ceyx that he should not make this voyage because everyone knew how powerful the winds upon the sea are, but he chose to go anyway.

The premonitions of Alcyone proved true, and the ship went down in a terrible storm.  Alcyone saw in a dream what had happened and ran to the sea.   In the distance, she could see a body, which she immediately recognized as that of her husband. Alcyone, in agonized grief,  threw herself into the sea, but the gods, out of compassion, changed her arms changed into wings and her nose into a beak. Ceyx rose from the sea to meet her, and the two became a pair of magical kingfishers. 

The Gods their shapes to winter-birds translate,

But both obnoxious to their former fate.
Their conjugal affection still is ty'd,
And still the mournful race is multiply'd:
They bill, they tread; Alcyone compress'd,
Sev'n days sits brooding on her floating nest:
A wintry queen: her sire at length is kind,
Calms ev'ry storm, and hushes ev'ry wind;
Prepares his empire for his daughter's ease,
And for his hatching nephews smooths the seas.

And ever since that time, every year there are seven days on end in which the sea lies still and calm.  They say that these are the days when Alcyone broods over her nest floating on the sea. After the young birds are hatched,  the charm is broken,  but each and every winter these days of peace come, and they are called after her. 

Over the years the term "Halcyon Days" has come to denote a time of comfort, peace and prosperity.  I am so looking at this as a sign, and my moving day just happens to fall  on the first of the Halcyon Days.  It is also supposed to rain tomorrow, the only day this week and the day we made arrangements to move.  They say that rain on one's wedding day brings good luck.  Hope it is the same for settling into a new abode.  

Today is my last full day here.  I'll admit it.  I'm feeling a bit melancholy at this time.  Still worried about my cat. All I can do is hope for the best.  I've not completed the packing, and the truckers have not called back. Sanitation took a pile of stuff today, but Friday is the day for furnishings and housewares, so we'll be coming back. I'm just trying not to let it worry me anymore.   I'll be going offline for awhile.   Hopefully,  it will not  for long.  At any rate, I return to work on the 19th so will have a computer available at that time.

Blessings to all and many thanks for listening to my rants and for all of your support.  I know I've been a 'pain' in the butt about this move, and it surprises me that anyone listens to me anymore.  Thank you.  


  1. I am sure everything will fall into place one way or the other. At any rate, it will be over soon, and then you can just heave a big sigh of relief. I would keep kitty either in a crate or a closed off room at the new place, especially during the move in when the doors will be open. Lots of treats and reassurances. All will be well, Mary. Enjoy the Halcyon Days!! Hugs!

  2. Hi dear friend.....enjoy you time off and your new digs!! Can't wait to hear about them.



  3. Happy Holidays in your brand new home...

  4. Wheeeeeeee... It's nearly here!

    I'm sure your blogging friends will be "with" you, in mind... For this wonderful move.

    Gentle hugs,
    "Chill December brings the sleet,
    Blazing fire and Christmas treat."

    ~~Mother Goose

  5. good luck with the move and i think you will love your new digs ♥♥

  6. Until you return...take care and stay safe.

  7. safe & calm move to you Mary! don't forget to email me your new address. I have that Lemurian crystal waiting to go to you! funny how it will arrive to your new home.. some things are just meant to be

  8. May the move go smoothly and may you know nothing but happiness and good fortune in your new home!

  9. I too need your new addy! I'm sending you strength and stamina today and until all is moved over Mary...started in very early this Heart is with you Kindred Sister. Try not to worry about Kitty and do keep her crated and safe from running...
    I love you hugely! :)