Monday, December 5, 2011

Blessing the Home

Spent much of my  day at my new apartment.  I love it, absolutely love the challenge of taking this blank slate and making it into a home.  It's so clean, and white, and new, and everything seems to be falling right into place.  Remember how I mentioned I had no counter space?  Well, the super realized that what I had was not enough, so now,  I am getting a new sink with a brown specked formica  counter top with room for my microwave, coffee pot, and chopping.  I will be set on top of 'new' wooden cabinets.  That saves me from spending a small fortune to buy some counter space, but I will still need something to fill up the opposite side of the room. Perhaps a nice utility cart would be nice.  

Today, I blessed my home.  Simple is better for me. It's already spotless, but I gave it a good sweeping to begin.  Then,  I realized that I didn't have anything for a smudging, but I DO have sea salt (an ancient symbol of purification), a white candle, and Holy Water from the Jordan River, a gift that I have treasured for many years.  I love working with the Angels and wanted them to feel welcome, so my house blessing began with the following:
Angels of Hearth and Home,
Bring blessings, ceilings to floors,
Spread your Angelic light,
For only joy behind these doors.

That was followed by a sprinkling some of the sea salt and Holy Water in the four corners of every room, to bless and purify them, while saying:  'With water and salt I bless this house.'

Lastly, I lit the candle:

I dedicate this candle
as a blessing for the space.
Let its light and warmth and pleasant fragrance
extend to every corner of this place.

And, of course, on the way over, I asked hubby to stop at the store to buy a new mop, dustpan and broom.   One thing my grandma taught me was ....Never bring your old house-hold broom with you when you move.

Later we stopped to buy the curtains.   I chose to get earth tones...browns, beige, and orange.   My kitchen curtains are of sunflowers.  The bath, for now, will be done in olive green.  I was pleasantly surprised that 5 sets of curtains, plus rods, plus shower set and bath curtain, rugs, came to less than $100.   Tomorrow I hope to get back over there to start the 'real' work. 


  1. That was a beautiful spell. I loved it! With just a couple of items you cast a really wonderful spell.

  2. Mary, how exciting! That is great about the kitchen!! So excellent that you could get into your home before bringing stuff over to do your cleansing and blessing! Wonderful. Once you get curtains up, it is going to be a major step! I know you must be thrilled! Wish I could come help!!

  3. yayy on the kitchen and it all sounds wonderful.

  4. May you be happy and fulfilled in your brand new home. Wishing you and hubby a brand new start for a brand new year filled with peace.

  5. I was taught that old lore as well -- never bring an old broom to a new home -- start fresh!

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy for you that things are working out so well. You deserve it!

    Sending you wishes for a most wonderful new year in your wonderful new home.

  7. Good Morning My Friend! I am so excited for you and so thrilled that you are getting some "space" in your new kitchen. The blessing is beautiful! The "real work" is so much fun, I love putting up new curtains or freshly ironed ones. They seem to make the room feel so good. You still need to send my your new mailing address. Wishing you an energetic day!

    Love you! (((HUGS)))

  8. Closed doors always bring newly opened ones....Have fun with your new adventure Mary, oh and the new broom:)

  9. Oh Mary....I'm so excited for you.....aren't new Beginnings "the best"!



  10. Mary...I'm so excited for you! Also very happy you cleansed and blessed your new home.
    Your ritual is lovely. It always bring us peace and joy when we do this, doesn't it? :)

    I can hardly wait to see what you've done. I think it is awesome your Landlord put in a new counter and cupboards for you.

    One thing I added when I moved into my new apartment was to do a New Home Protection Blessing, when I got my new keys. I used the one from Dorothy Morrison's 'The Craft Companion' says...When claiming a new dwelling place, write the following words on a piece of paper and hang the paper over the front door to protect against thieves and burglers.

    Who comes to me I keep
    Who goes from me I free
    Yet against all I stand
    Who carry not my key.

    I loved the safeness this blessing gave me and it worked. :)

    Sending blessings your way richly deserve them!