Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy Times

It's been a very busy time for me, but everything is falling into place.  There is still a ways to go, but it is starting to look like a home.  Last night I set up my tree.  Yes, there is still much more to be done in the apartment, but I've only gone one year without a Christmas tree, and that was the year I moved to New York, a Christmas that left me with nothing but bad memories.  I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was to set up up in front of my living room window...and actually be able to light it.  This year, my Christmas village will be on hold.  

Hubby and I were talking last night, and both of us are in agreement.  Despite all that still needs to be done, we already feel so much more comfortable.  No more of the insanity of the other place.  No more family feuds...although, believe it or not, my ex-landlady did give me a call yesterday to chat about what had been going on at the other place.  Very politely I told her it was not a good time for me to chat.  What I REALLY wanted to say was that there would NEVER be a good time for me to chat.  

This place has such unbelievable ambiance. We'd seen larger, more modern apartments in fancier buildings, but none 'called out' to me like this one did...and, ironically, I didn't even want to come see it.  It was my late night at work, and after putting in a full day, who wants to go check out apartments?  But, I went, anyway and knew from the moment I walked in that this was 'the one'. 

First of all, it is one of New York City's great pre-war apartments which, with their  high ceilings, hardwood floors, doorways and other old world charms, are prized by renter and buyer alike.   I haven't measured, but my ceilings are at least double hubby's height which makes them about 12 feet high, quite appealing, but not when you have to change a light bulb.  Older, pre-war apartments tend to be sturdily constructed with thick firewalls between apartments lending to a quieter living environment.  I 'must' get some pictures.  I'd love to learn the history of this building, and once settled, I plan to do some investigating.  And, after the holidays, my sister-in-law will be coming to bless our home.

Christmas this year will be  a time for family appreciation, a to say thank-you and I love you.  There will be no high-priced expensive gifts. Money is very tight for us this year.  Each year I watch the Christmas movies where how many gifts one gets matters not. One special favorite is Christmas in Canaan where gifts are pictures from wish lists torn from a magazine...and there was oh, so much love, there.  The joy comes in being together, and that is what I am looking forward to....a good old-fashioned family Christmas with plenty of good eats, love, and laughter...Christmas the way it was meant to be.

In the bleak mid-winter 
Frosty wind made moan, 
Earth stood hard as iron, 
Water like a stone; 
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, 
Snow on snow, 
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.

Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him 
Nor earth sustain; 
Heaven and earth shall flee away 
When He comes to reign:
In the bleak mid-winter 
A stable-place sufficed
The Lord God Almighty 
Jesus Christ.

Enough for Him whom cherubim 
Worship night and day, 
A breastful of milk 
And a mangerful of hay; 
Enough for Him whom angels 
Fall down before, 
The ox and ass and camel 
Which adore. 

Angels and archangels 
May have gathered there, 
Cherubim and seraphim 
Throng'd the air, 
But only His mother 
In her maiden bliss 
Worshipped the Beloved 
With a kiss. 

What can I give Him, 
Poor as I am? 
If I were a shepherd 
I would bring a lamb, 
If I were a wise man 
I would do my part,-- 
Yet what I can I give Him, 
Give my heart

--Christina Rosetti--


  1. Ohhhhhhhh I am soooooooo happy that your are settling in contentedly. Seems funny to say, but this fact is almost a Christmas present to me, too! :-) -happy sigh-

    So glad you are taking it easy, with the unpacking and all. Please. Keep feeling/enjoying/drinking in the good feelings you are getting from this new abode.

    And as to the former landlady -- May I made a Suggestion? Keep cutting her off with; "Sorry but this isn't a good time to talk." It may take a dozen times, but if you keep saying this... AND ONLY SAYING THIS, AND GOOD BYE... Even she will have to "get the message."

    Don't you think that you need to completely cut yourself off, from all the mayhem, of your last abode???

    Don't you think it would be wise to do so?

    Don't you think it would be good for your peace of mind, to do so?

    Don't you think you NEED to go into the New Year, cutting yourself off from the frazzeling past?

    Hope so!

    Gentle Christmas hugs,

    "Christmas won't be Christmas
    without any presents."

    ~~Opening line of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women"

  2. Hi sweet friend....I just wanted to stop in here briefly this morning and wish you the Merriest of Christmas. I'm glad you are settling in and will be having a splendid holiday with those who are the most important to you.
    Hugs being sent your way,


  3. Do you have "call display" on your phone? Time to start screening your ex-landlady's calls and not answering.

  4. sounds wonderful, I'm glad you love your new home