Friday, December 16, 2011

Even the Best Laid Plans

The move  was a nightmare.  I'd been working toward organizing this for a month now, and I thought I had it all together, but what one thinks, and what is, may sometimes be two different matters altogether.  On moving day, I realized I still had much to pack, so when hubby announced that he was going to get the truck and the movers, I was totally not ready, but it was already 2 pm.  It had to be done.  The movers from the other night never called, so we hired a few guys for $50 each who stand on the corner just waiting for odd jobs.  I give these guys credit;  they stand out there in all kinds of weather just waiting for someone to need them for a job.  We've hired plumbers, electricians, even painters eager to make an honest living...and, we've never had a problem.  That is, until we hired the movers.

Everything was rush, rush, rush.  I understand they were eager to get back to their spot in the hopes of another job, but by the time they left to I just wanted to cry.  They were picking up bags so quickly that I had to chase them halfway out to the truck to make sure they weren't taking garbage...and every time I sat down to take a break, they came to take whatever I was sitting on.  I was going from room to room just trying to find a quiet place, and the next thing I knew, the chair or bed was being pulled out from under me.  Well, maybe not pulled, but it sure did feel that way.  And if I wasn't so gosh darned tired and in pain, it was like a comedy show.

They broke my television so we had to lay out an extra $350 for a new one as cable was coming the next morning to hook up everything.   That was a miracle.  Usually they take days, even weeks to get there.    This time we got an HD flat screen.  Looks great.  I wasn't too happy about all the extra money we had to spend, but I did joke with hubby about how something has to break in order for us to modernize.  We didn't get a DVD player until our VCR literally blew up.  Didn't get a cell phone until our land line kept going off and on.   And now,  our old model, a 15 year old Sharp, had to break for us to get an LED.  

It was almost 10 pm when I finally got to the house.  I cannot begin to tell you about the unbearable howls my cat let out on the trip over.  It was so bad that I gave my son my keys and told him to open all the doors so I could just make a run for it.  The next day was a work day for my neighbors and didn't want to get off on the wrong foot.  She's been on the kitchen chair most of the time since we got here.  I put her litter box nearby and have been feeding her under the table to help her get used to the new place.  Aside from one howling episode about 3 am in the morning,   she appears to be coming around.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I walked in on.  All I could do was sit and stare.  Despite the fact that I'd labeled everything, they had EVERYTHING all piled against the wall...boxes, bags, lamps, furniture.  Matter of fact, by the time we got 'to' the lamps we discovered one of them broken under there. Not much we could do about these things.  The guys are not insured.  

So now, I am busily trying to make this place look like a home.  Thought I'd check in and let you know how things were going.  It's a lot of hard work, but in the long run, will be well worth it.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


  1. just take your time, as long as you can eat , sit and sleep . In a few weeks this will just be a bad memory. Big hugs ♥

  2. This reminds me why I hate moving. Sorry it was a crummy move. Get a good night's sleep and then work at a reasonable pace to get things ship-shape. Sounds like your cat took the move fairly well, all things considered, eh?

  3. Courage Hon!!!

    The MOVE part, is behind you now. Please don't try to do all the putting-away-part, in one day. Or even two.

    "Close by the jolly fire I sit
    To warm my frozen bones a bit.

    ~~Robt. Louis Stevenson

  4. Thinking of you Mary and holding you close to my Heart! One moment at a time Kindred Sister...

    Light up some sage and breath in its healing properties and then do one thing at a time.
    Don't overdue! Those are orders from headquarters, lol! We don't need you sick from trying to get too much accomplished, eh?

    Sending you Love and Strength!

  5. Oh dear Mary......this will all be behind you soon....and you will be "as snug as a bug in a rug".



  6. "Auntie" is right: you're in. The rest you can do at your own pace. And unpacking is always way more fun than packing. Be gentle with yourself.

  7. Just came by and read the past few posts....
    Things happen for a reason, you'll see that someday and be glad you made the choices you did.

    Take a deep breath, smile, and rant all you need to:)