Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blogger Nightmare

It seems that my background has shrunk to the little square you see in the center of my blog.  I see that Blogger has no response, but on the help group, someone reported that it was a Picasso issue and offered a suggestion on how to fix it.  Bear with me, dear friends.  I don't want to have to take my background off, and I don't want to be backed into the corner where I have to use a Blogger image, which, by the way, works.  So bear with me.  May be awhile since we are about to go to the new apartment to do some work.


  1. Dear Mary..
    Mine did the exact same thing so I changed my background again. *sigh*
    Good luck and keep us posted if you find a fix.

  2. -sigh- Blogggggggggggerrrrrrrrr....!

    I like to make my own Backgrounds and put 'em up myself. And believe me, it's easy. Or I couldn't do it. LOL.

    Wondering if you could just change your print to BLACK, meantime? I think it would be easier to read.

    But you have to think about the move!!!! Don't worry about this blog businesssssss.

    "The holly's up, the house is all bright,
    The tree is ready, the candles alight:
    Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight!"

    ~~P. Cornelius

  3. It looks fine to me Mary, this morning it was a little wonky, hard to read. But now it seems just fine. Hope you had a productive day with getting things ready at your new home. It sure seems like a lot of work while you are doing it, but when you are finished and sit down to really relax for the first time, the fantastic feeling that comes flowing over you is so worth it. Not to mention you are going to love having those windows. Wishing you a joyous day! Love you!


  4. I'm too much of a "faidy cat" to make changes.
    One of these days I'll get COURAGE like the LION did in The Wizard of Oz. Ummmmmmmm it was the Lion wasn't it?????