Sunday, October 2, 2011


I've spent this weekend cooking and packing.  Busy, busy, busy.  Each week I have been putting my college textbooks out for anyone who wants them.  I've also been packing bags and bags of books which my son takes to a friend of his who loves reading and loves about everything that I do.  Hubby used to joke that I could start my own bookstore, and I never realized how right he was.  And I still have lots of books left.  These include some of my special books that I have loved with all of my heart.  I know they cannot all come with me, so some I have been placing on my Kindle and others are just sitting there.

These books are too special to set out on the curb, and since I have decided to give them away, I would rather give them to someone special...and that is you, my dear readers.   I've books on fairies, astrology, Native American, Celtic, Shamanism, spirituality, mythology, angels, etc.  I have 'some' non-fiction, but not many.  If you will email privately with your address and your interests, if I have what you wish, I will get the book out to you in week or soon as I can get my son to the post office.   It may be three weeks, but if I have, it is yours. 

Those who dare give nothing
Are left with less than nothing;
Dear heart, you give me everything,
Which leaves you more than everything-
Though those who dare give nothing
Might judge it left you less than nothing.

Giving you everything,
I too, who once had nothing,
Am left with more than everything
As gifts for those with nothing
Who need, if not our everything,
At least a loving something.

Robert Graves


  1. I am definitely emailing you, Mary.

  2. A generous offer, Mary! I'm trying to keep my own book shelves at a minimum these days though.

  3. Oh what a generous thing to do! I will not be emailing, because I, too, have enough books to open my own bookstore! But I think I will follow your example and pass on some of my lovely friends to new hands...

  4. What a wonderful and generous idea Mary.
    There will be alot of happy readers out there that will value your books like you do. :0)

  5. Oh my...I've tried to comment on here a few times and something, either blogger itself or life, has kept me mutted! I've not been a good blogger this past summer and have missed you. Sounds like you're finallyb moving?? GREAT! Now I need to take time and see if it's true; visit some past posts.

    Books? Sure! I'll email you where to send some, but I'm headed to Delaware for a week so lets wait a bit...

    More in a message.

    So glad to be back here:)

  6. I have returned and I see a wonderful transformation in your spirit.
    You are embracing the change
    and freely giving things that have great meaning to you.

    This is what happens when we embrace change.
    It is a brand new beginning for you and hubby.

    Trying to play catch up here and find out if you have found a new
    home yet. I hope so.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Something wonderful for Mary
    who is well-deserving of a grand beautiful new home.

    hugs and blessings Sharon