Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Childhood's Home

I grew up in an amazing small town.  Everything around me was magical.  When you are surrounded by dirt roads, infinite acres of land, ponds, creeks, and animals, you are never bored.  My childhood days were tightly packed with activities that my friends' and I created. We did not have the video games or cable television back then; therefore, we had to utilize our minds constantly. And we learned to create.  We learned how to have fun, 'real' fun.  It's no wonder I find myself today, growing older and living in the city, wishing I could go home again.

When I think about childhood, it brings me back to an era when innocence reigned. The only 'monsters' we had back then were those in our imaginations.  We could play outdoors from morning til the darkest of night and not worry about someone trying to hurt us.  We climbed mountains, played in the woods, and and swam in the ponds.  I remember my first kiss.  How innocent it was!  The boy and I were sitting on the swings, and he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss...right on the lips.  To this day I remember it as if it was yesterday. (Sigh)  

I have tasted each varied pleasure,
And drunk of the cup of delight;
I have danced to the gayest measure
In the halls of dazzling light.
I have dwelt in a blaze of splendour,
And stood in the courts of kings;
I have snatched at each toy that could render
More rapid the flight of Time's wings.
But vainly I've sought for joy or peace,
In that life of light and shade;
And I turn with a sigh to my own dear home-
The home where my childhood played!

When jewels are sparkling round me,
And dazzling with their rays,
I weep for the ties that bound me
In life's first early days.
I sigh for one of the sunny hours
Ere day was turned to-night;
For one of my nosegays of fresh wild flowers,
Instead of those jewels bright.
I weep when I gaze on the scentless buds
Which never can bloom or fade;
And I turn with a sigh to those gay green fields-
The home where my childhood played.

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton


  1. I remember my first kiss. His name was Teddy Neundorf and he had red hair and freckles and
    looked like Mickey Rooney.

    He was the next door neighbour of my best friend.
    Back then you could swim in the rivers and ponds.

    We built a tire swing that you could ride out
    over the river and jump right in.

    Your post brought back some very old memories
    for me. I cannot believe I was ever that young.

    blessings Mary
    hugs Sharon

  2. You had a lovely place to grow up in! And you know how lucky you were.

    I too, grew up in a small town, but it wasn't totally magical. Partly because my parents were overly protective, and they tried to keep me *in a safety bubble.* -sigh-

    Oh well... We get the deal we are dealt. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "The morns are meeker than they were,
    The nuts are getting brown;
    The berry's cheek is plumper,
    The rose is out of town.
    The maple wears a gayer scarf,
    The field a scarlet gown.
    Lest I should be old-fashioned,
    I'll put a trinket on."

    - Emily Dickinson

  3. I grew up just a block from my Grandmother's resort on a was a wonderful you, we played from dawn until dark in the water/woods/field...I still live just a block from that place...we only rent one cabin now...but the place has not changed many years later, I still spend a lot of time there...

  4. My earliest memories of a home was in Wenham,MA just yards from a large pond.
    Pleasant Pond was the name of it.
    Woods EVERYWHERE .....freedom to roam, play, swim, fish,row a boat, dig worms find night crawlers under logs and wet leaves, skip stones, ice skate, pick Lady Slippers, view the Fall foliage around the lake from a bedroom window, visit and play with friends.
    The road ended at that pond. It was like the best kept secret ....orrrrrrrrrrr not many people owned cars to get around back then.;0)
    I feel my connection is there. That is HOME!
    I wonder if people remembering their first homes in the city feel the same.

    THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIEND! :0) (((hugs)))

  5. Beautiful poem and memories shared sweet friend. I....just left my childhood home after a wonderful visit with my Aunt......nothin' better.



  6. This is the childhood I remember having as well. This is also the childhood I am trying my damndest to give my own child. Yes we have video games and cable t.v., but those treats are limited to days when it's raining like cats and dogs or too cold to play outside. What has happened to my son because of this rearing. He gets ready for school early so he can play basketball outside for 20 minute before the bus comes. As soon as his feet hit the bus stop in the afternoon he is running with his friends and into their "secret woods" where they have made a "shelter" a pretend fireplace where they use pincones as wood and dead pine needles to look like fire. They catch frogs, bugs and play all those old school games like hide and seek. This is all because I don't have him signed up for a flippity jillion "activities" and I let his activity be his imagination. In this day and age that is not so easy because kids are just handed an electronic device whenever they please and become zombies.

    Ok, stepping off my soapbox.

  7. My favourite childhood memories are those with my dogs. I was the happiest roaming free with them. I dreaded coming home to the meanest sister anyone can ever have and the strictest father. So those were the reasons I hates being in the house.