Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas in October

Well, it's that time annual Christmas in October rant.   And this year it's even a little earlier...because this year Christmas has come even earlier.   One day, about a week ago, I was shopping at the CVS near my job when I happened upon the perfect wig for Halloween.  I always do a little something special at work and this metallic blue waist-length wig I found would go perfect with my witch's hat.  I didn't have the money then, and since there actually was quite a few of them,  I figured I'd pick it up at a later date.   To my shock, yesterday, the Halloween stuff was nearly gone.  Not only were the stock clerks putting away the Halloween stuff, they were putting out Christmas candy. Can you imagine?  Kiddies come to your home for 'Trick or Treat' and walk away with red and green candy kisses.

Oh, where does it end. Halloween hasn't even passed yet, and already the are starting to display all kind of Christmas goods. Are they for real? How can we possibly be in the mood for Christmas if we are still planning our Halloween parties with pumpkins, ghosts, witches and spooky items? I don't know about you, but time is already passing far too quickly. Why make it go any faster?

In my world, Halloween is a day all its own, and Christmas doesn't come until  after Thanksgiving. I remember my childhood excitement when, the day after Thanksgiving, the holiday season began. 
Shopping started in earnest with trips to the mall in December, shops were full of happy people humming their favorite carols while we children would rush about looking for presents to buy for Mom and Dad with our saved up allowance.  Our tree only went up the day before,  and  mom and dad  spent Christmas Eve decorating it while I was snug in my bed...or so they thought.  Presents they had sneakily wrapped and hidden were  popped under the tree and that great air of great excitement on Christmas morn. 

But, that was then and this is now.  Commercialization! Can't fight it.  Much as we may not like it, it's here to stay.  Perhaps if all of us shoppers stood our ground and refused to buy Christmas before Halloween, things would change.  Maybe they will. And, as for Halloween this year, I can always go dressed as Santa.


  1. Yes, I was a little shocked this year to see Christmas decorations and merchandise being put out in the stores in MID-OCTOBER! Plus all the Halloween stuff went on discounted sale this week. It's like they're rushing it out of their stores as fast as they can.

    Too bad you missed out on that wig. I bet you would have looked AWESOME in it!

  2. A Blue wig would have been delightful! All too true that the commercialization of the Holidays rushes us through life. The older I get the more I realize not to expect anything...then I will not be disappointed.

    I truly hope a Blue Wig magickally appears for you before Halloween!!! :)

    Much Love and Radiant Blessings!

  3. Rushing the buy-buy-buy-season, is only added to, by this lousy economy.

    And I doubt the trend will ever reverse. Once something is steam-rolling, it just keeps going.

    Well, I'm one of the sell-sell-sell-people's night mares... Because I've been working on cutting back on the "Buying Stuff Extravaganza" which Christmas has become, for years. It has irritated me, for years and years. My views are finally becoming more main-stream.

    Well, in some places, anyway.

    How I hate the mantra... "Show your love, by how much $$$ you spend on gifts." Ughhhh...

    Gentle hugs,
    "Not the light controlled by a window,
    but the cool gold/ Of turning leaves
    after their short career in the sky."

    ~Medbh McGuckian

  4. Good morning Mary. I so agree with seems that Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff are being shoved at us earlier and earlier each year.....I have another name for "commercialization" I call it "greed".



  5. we don't celebrate Halloween here.. our Christmas decorations and christmas goodies have been in the shops since beginning of October. wrong. very wrong

  6. I couldn't agree with you more. I remember last year that they took down the Christmas decorations at the stores before Christmas. I do believe things can and will change ... we can bring back the magic.

  7. We seem to share the same memories - and they are good ones! Tree went up Christmas eve and we all decorated. Mom made popcorn and we sang Christmas songs. It was heaven. NOBODY went Christmas shopping until well into December!!

  8. On the way to work two nights ago, I passed the little house as usual. The drapes were open and lo and behold there stood the Christmas tree all decked out in decorations.

    So I am thinking, what happened to Halloween ?

    Can you imagine ?

    Children love Halloween, and I am just a big kid who will NEVER grow up.

    Let's go Trick or Treating together Mary.
    I have lots of Costumes you can borrow included lots of Witch accessories.

    who hoo !

    hugs and blessing Sharon