Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Quote

When you come to the edge of all the light you have,
and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly.

~ Patrick Overton ~

Just taking a moment to wish you all a great Monday.  Hope you all have it off like I do.  I will  be spending much of my day packing.  Nothing new on the housing front, but I do want to be prepared.  Unbelievable how much one accumulates in 15 years.  

In keeping with the above quote, I am about to step off into the unknown. My emotions are mixed at this point.  There is a gladness about the opportunity to start anew, a new beginning, but also a sense of sadness of this part of my life that I am leaving behind.  Fifteen years is a long time to live in one place, and after awhile, you start to think of it as your own.  But, it is time to let go.  Changes are in the wind, and I am looking forward to learning how to fly. 

Wishing all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Enjoy your day off! Fifteen years is a long time - no wonder you feel like it's your home. I think this is a good thing, though. Besides, it's out of your hands - so I think what you're doing (carrying on) is what you have to do. I think about you and always send you all my best energies towards this move for the better!

  2. Moving is never enjoyable and I imagine after 15 years it must be excruciating....but, I believe you will land on your feet and be better than ever! Best wishes are being sent your way...

  3. Omg yes, it is amazing how much you can accumulate over the passage of several years. I went through this same process 2 years ago, so I understand the mixed feelings you are experiencing. I did NOT want to leave the home that my husband and I shared.

    The whole process seemed overwhelming to me and I was stressed. It is hard to part with sentimental things. I found that once I started purging it became less of a burden and more of blessing.

    I worried just like you are now about where am I going to end up. One morning I was walking home from work and I spotted a for rent
    sign in an adult lifestyle building right beside my work. I called the
    number and got in to see it the very next day.

    Here I am still in the same apartment. I walk to work every shift and
    it has made life a lot easier for me. It was as if the apartment was a
    gift from the universe place right in my path, just for me.

    I will be honest, I still mourned the loss of the old place for a while
    and I still miss my woods and my river but I am happy I made the move now.

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes Mary. I had my family over yesterday to share a big meal of Turkey and all the trimmings. It was
    so good to all be together again.

    I am off to work tonight again and kind of pooped out, I can imagine how you are feeling right about now. Hang in there because soon
    you are going to find the perfect space for you and hubby to call home. You will recognize it the moment you see it.

    Sending you a cloud loaded with love, light and positive energy to assist you with your move.

    hugs and love sister of my heart.


  4. Tell me about it!
    Forty plus years in this one home and it's a small miracle the ceiling don't give in.;0)
    When Shakespeare said, "Parting is such sweet sorrow", I don't think he meant THIS!
    (((hugs))) and wishes for a great week ahead m/f

  5. oh I know exactly how you are feeling.. fearful... lost... it is a hard thing yes.. but it is meant to be Mary.. all will be well xoxo

  6. I commend you Dear One, on your attitude!!!

    There is both sadness of leaving behind, and hope of a nicer renting future. This seems to Wise, to see/accept both sides, and move forward, thus.

    Wonderful that you continue to cull/pack/etc. This is hard! Wise as well, to do it, ahead of time. And not wait till......... You only have a weekend, or some such.

    Lots and lots of moving hugs...

    Gentle hugs,

    "October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again." ~~Hal Borland