Friday, September 30, 2011


"I love fall! Fall is exciting.
It's apples and cider.
It's an airborne spider.
It's pumpkins in bins.
It's burrs on dog's chins.
It's wind blowing leaves.
It's chilly red knees.
It's nuts on the ground.
It's a crisp dry sound.
It's green leaves turning
And the smell of them burning.
It's clouds in the sky.
It's fall. That's why...
I love fall."

- Author Unknown -

My goodness, time constantly seems to get faster and faster and the months and years are passing me by.  September has been and gone in what seems the flash of an eye. Today  my son, Anthony, turns 29.   Happy birthday, son.  It seems like only yesterday that they placed this tiny little infant in my arms, and I fell madly in love.  He was a child that wasn't supposed to be, my little miracle.

After my eldest son, Jerry, was born the doctor told me that my system was so out of whack that I probably would not be able to have another child.  What devastating news that was, but I never gave up trying and never gave up hope.  I'd been an only child myself and vowed that my children will never feel that loneliness that I had felt while growing up and watching all my friends interact with their siblings.  Today, so many, many years later, both mom and dad gone, and that ache of loneliness still fills my heart.

Happy birthday, son.  Know that you are loved.  

Wishing you all  a lovely, peaceful, joyful weekend. See you  on Monday.


  1. Happy Birthday !!, my Anthony will be 29 in February :)

  2. Aww, happy birthday to Jerry. Not all only children suffer loneliness so try not to beat yourself up about it. I actually decided on having an only child. I've only had the guilt monster come knocking once or twice about it.

  3. Happy B-day to your miracle baby! Enjoy your weekend too.

  4. Happy birthday to Jerry. I wish him luck, health, love and happiness.
    Brightest autumnal blessings.

  5. Have a wonderful time celebrating your son's birthday, and enjoy the weekend!

  6. Have a wonderful day celebrating Anthony's Birthday, Dear Mary! And an equally wonderful weekend. :) I love the birthday's of my many good memories to pull up and peruse. I'm sure you will be doing that too, eh my blessed friend?

    What an adorable poem you've shared today...think I'll write it down in one of my journals for my babes to find.

    Sending you Gentle Hugs and Birthday Blessings for Anthony and You!!!

  7. Let the be CAKE!
    Happy Birthday Tony.

    Wishing you a good weekend Mary. (((hugs)))

  8. A (belated) Happy Birthday Wish, to your son!!!

    "Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees." ~~Faith Baldwin

  9. Good morning! I am here with a cup of coffee at 3 in afternoon(slept really really late yesterday) and going through my comments and have a gigantic smile because of yours.
    Is n't it nice to hear something nice first thing in the "morning"? You made my day(at least what is left of it)!
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. Just checking that my other comment did n't disappear. xoxo

  11. I too am an only child Mary, so I understand just what you mean
    when you say you did not want that for your child.

    Everyone in my family that is older than I, has already passed.
    I guess I am the Matriarch and it is lonely. Thank goodness for
    my children. I am so grateful for their love and kindness.

    Happy Birthday Anthony.

    happy happy day Mary