Monday, June 6, 2011

Well, the Nightmare is Over

Was planning on a one sentence statement saying that the mattress was gone, but it was like the nightmare that just didn't want to die.  Took some cajoling and pleading on my part, but I finally elicited enough pity from the garbageman to have the dreaded thing picked up.  Here is how my Saturday morning went.

As you know, I was afraid to put the covers on and put the mattresses to the curb overnight for fear that someone might steal them, and this time, I might not be so lucky and get that $100 ticket.  So, on a sleep late Saturday morn, I set the alarm for six, and hubby and I were going to go out, put the covers on, and put the mattresses out to the curb.  Well, instead, son got up at 5:30 and did it for me.  

Son had to go into work early to prepare for the catering of a huge party, so I took my coffee out to the front porch.  I really wasn't happy about being up so early on a Saturday, but I must say, it was actually quite pleasant out there, and I did enjoy that bit of quietude.  Weekend morns can be quite peaceful and serene, even here in Brooklyn, New York.

Finished my coffee and ran quickly into the house to use the bathroom and rinse my cup.  Life was beginning to stir on the streets, so I didn't want to leave the mattresses alone for too long. Still shake my head when I think about having to babysit my garbage.  Is this where the economy has brought us?

Well, I am only inside a few minutes...enough to tinkle and rinse the cup.  I step outside, for a moment, I stand there overcome with shock. In that short time, the truck had passed, and the mattresses, in their covers, were still sitting there. What the heck!!!!  Fortunately, the truck had not gotten very far, so my adrenaline kicked in, and I raced down the block after them.

'What about my mattresses? ' I ask.  'How come they weren't picked up?'

'You have the wrong cover on them,' the handsome young man replied.  'What you have is a regular mattress cover.  You need a bedbug cover.'

Now mind you, a bedbug cover can run up to $100.  Hubby bought one for our new mattress, and they gave him a break, $50.  They don't come cheap....and here I was complaining about $12.  Now I kick it up a gear.  I want to scream out in frustration, but that never works.  Time for a play on  little sympathy here.  After all, there is rain in the forecast and can't have those mattresses sit out in the rain...and I definitely cannot keep buying covers and REFUSE to spend all that money for a bedbug cover which is only going to be chopped up in the garbage truck.

'But they keep stealing the covers.  This was just put on this morning.  That's why I am out here so early on my day off....I am babysitting the garbage.'  A few tears don't hurt, at this point.  'You just don't know what I have been through trying to get rid of these mattresses. I just don't know what to do. I am getting so stressed out; it's making me sick.'

At this point, he chuckles and takes pity on me.  'Stealing them?'  he asks.  I nod 'yes''I'll take them for you.  You don't have bedbugs, do you?'

'Oh, gosh no.  Please don't wish that on me.  And, I am forever grateful for your kindness.'

He signals for the truck to back up.  I breathe a sigh of relief as I watch as the mattresses disappear into the truck.  Nightmare finally over.

I tell hubby that I sure do hope the new mattress is durable because I don't plan on trying to dispose of another mattress any time soon.  The nightmare was over.  Now, I have to find out how to get rid of my old microwave, but I think I will wait a little on that one.  Oh well, it was my choice to live in the city, wasn't it?

Hope you all have a great day.  I've the last of those boring trainings this afternoon.  There is something to celebrate after all.


  1. glad your mattres nightmare is over finaly and i hope you had apeaceful weekend x x x blessings

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh, city life!

    The parts they don't tell you about in the realtor's brochure.



  3. Next time, just drag it out to the middle of the street late at night and surreptitiously set it on fire, LOL!

  4. glad you got rid of it...i'm grateful we have a really nice garbage man and living in a rural area doesn't hurt either. Last mattress we had we cut totally apart, burned the wood (from box spring)with our seasonal shrubbery burn pile and the rest we bagged up.

  5. When we bought a new mattress last fall, the store offered to dispose of our old one. That's usually part of the deal in these parts. Do you have e-waste collection days somewhere? Once a month we can take old small appliances, computer parts, etc. and drop them off at a designated site -- free.

    Thanks for stopping by last week.

  6. I guess living in the sticks does have it's advantages. Bet your glad your ordeal is over. X.

  7. As if you don't have enough to do, now to watch the trash. I don't know how the folks that live in the city do it. Seems like if they can't complicate something so simple it just isn't worth doing. Still shaking my head...
    love you

  8. I have been absent from blogging world.. so haven't followed the story of the mattress or bed bugs.. but don't they realize that bed bugs live on our own skins all the time?

  9. Oh dear Mary....your post made me chuckle. "Good by and Good Riddance I Say.!! Hopefully you won't have to do anything special with your Microwave. LOL


  10. Honey always works better than vinegar. Too bad I'm 99.9999% vinegar ; ) Glad to hear that nightmare is over.

    Also, babysitting your that's one that had me giggling.