Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tests of the Sea

These are the tests of the sea: The third wave is for courage, the sixth wave is for perserverance, The ninth wave is for surrender.--Lunaea Weatherstone

I love the ocean and feel blessed to live so near to the Atlantic.  I love going out to the boardwalk and looking out across the blue green waters , seeing the never ending rush of the waves and how the sky seems to connect with them in the distances with the water reminds me of life as a never-ending cycle.  

Waves are a metaphor for our lives which can appear to mirror the changing of the tides and the calmness and storms of the sea by appearing cool, calm, and inviting an at other times, seemingly out of control, spinning in many different directions at once.  Seek to strengthen your ocean waves; make them powerful, but always kind.  

By the way my blogging friends.  Blogger has been giving me some difficulty when I try to comment.  Not the same problem some of you have recently have, but when I go to post my comment it says Service Not Available, Error Number .....I did manage to get a couple of comments through before it started. Let's hope it doesn't last too long.


  1. It would seem as if those waves are washing over my family today Mary...I welcome them.

    May the waves wash all of our spirits clean!

    Blogger is just crazy lately!

    Have a Magnificent Day Sister/Friend! :)

  2. More problems.

    And with the sun spots, I suppose we'll have even more. Oh welllllll...

    But it it's just Nature messing with us, that's kind of ok, hu? Sun = Nature. :-)

    Perhaps I'm stretching, to find a silver lining in all the various blogging issues... But... Why not? It's better than getting my knickers in even more of a twist, than they usually are in. -grin-

    Gentle hugs...

  3. I was startled to see on your blog a quote from Lunaea Weatherstone, who is a personal friend! What a very small world sometimes, hm? I love the ocean and its messages to me, and while I'm only a few hours inland now, it's too far. We usually spend at least a week on the coast and soak up the smells and sounds and emotions Mama Ocean gives to us, and revisit it every night with a sound machine of her waves. Thanks for this, Mary.

  4. The sea is home to me. I love being a 20 minute drive from her.

  5. Isn't it Ocean Day today? I think I read that on someone's blog!

  6. Mary, I could not comment on your last post, so I came back to this one.

    Watch for a link I will be posting, to a helpful blog called "The Real Blogger Status" or some such. He addressed the issue of not being able to leave comments, and tells "why."

    Hope it was just a glitch, my not being able to comment, on your Thurs. entry.

    Take very goood care of yourself, in this awful heat/humidity!!!!!!!

    We are so glad, that we put in these wall A/C units!!!! I am so glad that my husband convinced me to *spend the money.* He was so right!!!!!!!!!!

    We did outside work early and went to grocery story early too. Later we'll go out and do a couple more errands, but now, we are happy at home. And GRATEFUL I am! That we can be!


  7. Keeping fingers crossed that I continue not to have issues with blogger. So sorry to hear that you are, they can be a real pain in the neck. Remember when I had lost all of my followers? What a mess that was. And the time that I wouldn't let me log in. ugh...
    love you!