Friday, June 24, 2011

The Most Precious of Gifts

How easily we can forget how precious life is! So long as we can remember, we've just been here, being alive. Unlike other things for which we have a good comparison--black to white, day to night, good to bad--we are so immersed in life that we can see it only in the context of itself. We don't see life as compared to anything, to not-being, for example, to never having been born. Life just is. But life itself is a gift.  It's a compliment just being born: to feel, breathe, think, play, dance, sing, work, make love, for this particular lifetime. Today, let's give thanks for life.  For life itself.  For simply being born! 
--Daphne Rose Kingman--

This past week a horrendous crime has been the topic of the morning and evening news.  A lone gunman walked into a small pharmacy located in the outskirts of Suffolk County and needlessly shot and killed 4 people on Father's Day--the 45  year old pharmacist, the 17 year old clerk who is being buried in the prom dress she never got to wear, a 33 year old customer who is being buried in the wedding dress she never got to wear, and a 71 year old customer.  They say that the shooter did not announce a robbery when he walked in.  If he had, they would have given him the drugs he was after.  He simply shot first.

It only took a matter of days for the police to locate and arrest this fiend and his wife, also an addict, who had driven the getaway car.  Forgive me if I don't understand the senselessness of all this. I know that violence has played a part in our world since the beginning of time...just look at Otzi, the iceman, who is perhaps the first recorded murder in history, 5000 years ago.... but that doesn't answer the question of why there are those who don't value life....because out of all the marvelous wonders in our world, isn't life the most precious gift we have ever received?   So why do some find it so easy to take it away?

We should never take our lives for granted by doing our best to live it to the fullest.  Sometimes that is not so easy, especially when one has many responsibilities, but even so, we need to find the time.  We should never get so wrapped up in the daily grind of living that we don't stop to appreciate the living, breathing world around us! Life is like a treasure, one that should be handled with tenderness, compassion, and love.  Just hearing the story above is a sad reminder of how fast unforeseen circumstances can befall us, and life can be snatched away so quickly.  We have to treasure and make the most of every moment.

May you all have a weekend filled with love and joy.


  1. I also will NEVER understand the WHY of it !!!!!!!!!
    I am at a loss for words. So SAD!

  2. Very sad. Addiction takes a terrible toll in our society and the worst thing is when innocents suffer because of it.

  3. Random acts of violence have always made me step back and have the same reaction as you. Unfortunately, after a few days/weeks I'm right back to being caught up in the daily grind.

    Being in the present really is hard work but the effort reaps a bounty of peace and joy.

  4. Sadly, it often takes horror, to make us stop and reflect on what we have. And to notice it.

    And this horror was especially awful, for me. Being as we have run a family drug store for 50 years and counting.

    Gentle hugs,

  5. More than we realize, there are times in all our lives when our well being can be controlled by someone else.
    I agree, life is so very precious. We should never take it for granted. X.

  6. Oh dear Mary....another WONDERFUL topic. As you described this murder...I could not help but think the same as Debra....drugs destroy people and lives... I also could not be more in agreement that one must live life the fullest. "Carpe Diem" as they say. I really didn't learn this until later in life as my journey was a little more downhill than up...but I do believe I try to practice it in most things.

    Have a wonderful weekend,