Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday This and That Plus a Rant

Never in the world does hatred cease
by hatred; hatred ceases by love.


Another Monday rolls around.  Time is passing by so quickly.  Hard to imagine that July is around the corner.   It will be two years ago on July 4th that I quit smoking, quite an accomplishment for someone who smoked nearly 50 years.  I think of it as my own personal Independence Day.  Anyone out there still smoking, please, think about what you are doing to yourself.  You really can quit if you set your mind to it.

My weekend was far quiet, but busy.  Saturday was spent at the supermarket and slaving over a hot stove.  Sunday was basically spent doing some sorting.  Hubby decided he was going to sort through his clothes and take bag  to the drop box for the poor, and I had quite a few things that I knew just had to go.  I said earlier I was going to be merciless with my tossing this year, and I have stayed true to my word.  So, while it may be quite admirable to set a goal to get back into my size 12 outfits, the truth is,  that by the time, if ever, I get there, they will probably be old enough to rot away.  Hey, I'm being honest.  Let's fact it, these clothes are already a few years old.

Well, this was the weekend that the American Woman Hater found me.  Alas, I know the man is a kook, but he does have a legitimate blog and Facebook page on which he belittles women and has lots of nasty, hateful things to say. If not a nut, then he is obviously a man scorned, a coward who hides behind a line of numbers rather than give his name. If he hasn't been to your blog yet, he will eventually get there because he is making the rounds. 

I don't even think he reads the blogs he puts this pre-written comment on.  Otherwise, I have to believe he wouldn't have posted such disgusting remarks about women on a post that talks about two lovely women who were brutally murdered.  I think that is what had me the angriest.  The guy himself is a joke.  I am also aware of free speech, and this moron has a right to post what he wants on HIS blog, but free speech does not give him the right to infringe on MY blog with his hate mongering speech.   Spam is spam, but, in my opinion, this goes beyond spam.  This guy is preaching hate, pure and simple.

On doing some investigation,  I also discovered that his is not the only hate-filled blog; there are several of them out there, but, as much as I may be appalled at what they have to say, I respect that they are not out there spreading their muck all over the internet.  But this guy, this guy is invading everyone's blog; no one is immune.  I say enough is enough.  Keep your miserable beliefs to yourself.  There are too many women out there who are being abused, stalked, and killed by men who hate women.  All it takes is one man to become obsessed with what he has to say.

I know, many of you may feel I am over-reacting, and I probably  am...but I also AM one of those women who have been abused and stalked by a man who hated women, so this rhetoric has sort of hit home. And if you are not mad enough by now,  I kind of resent being compared to a group of pigs lined up at the bar, don't you?

Let us have love and more love; a love that melts all opposition,
a love that conquers all foes, a love that sweeps away all barriers,
a love that aboundeth in charity, a large-heartedness, tolerance,
forgiveness and noble striving, a love that triumphs over all obstacles.

Abdul Baha


  1. Yeah, that asswipe tried to post on my blog this weekend too but Blogger sent it to my spam folder so it never actually made it onto my blog. It gave me great satisfaction to delete his comment.

  2. Have you read my blog yet today? Is it that same guy?

  3. I've seen a silly sounding comment, left on blogs. Same one I guess. Anyway, I laugh at them, but I'd not allow one to stay on my blog.

    What you are referring to, does NOT sound like the one I've seen, though. What you are referring to, sounds much more WEIRD!

    I will be on the lookout, in my comments. And will not hesitate to put Comment Verification back on, if necessary. TELLING WHY in a post, of course. Spread the word in Pretty Blog Land and all.

    We have to keep our eyes open, for others, because not all are vigilant. Sad to say. Bleahhhhhh... I know. I keep trying to NOT think I have to watch out for others!!!!! No one appreciates it.

    But dang-it, some things need *intervention* and *warning.*


  4. Thanks for the heads up, Mary. I spotted this jerk in my spam folder and quickly and efficiently hit delete. Also, as others have, reported his blog to Blogger. I understand the whole Free Speech thing, but this is so beyond that. Hate is a terrible thing to spread.

  5. Good morning friend.....thanks for this heads up.....I have comment verification on my blog so I am able to delete any inappropriate comments. But....early on in blogging I didn't and I used to get some mighty strange things posted. Ahhhh.....this world of ours creates some real interesting characters doesn't it???



  6. I hope he gets the crabs and scratches his who whoo until it's a raw and bloody mess like the piece of crap he is ! ;0) ScumBag that he is!

  7. He got me twice. I was able to delete the comments but the damage is done, and now I have comment moderation on my blog. I hate doing that but I don't want to subject my readers to that garbage!

    On a side note - doesn't it feel good to get some sorting done? I worked on my living room yesterday, and got rid of a few things and I feel lighter!


  8. Hi Mary i too foud his comment full of women hate in my spam box luckily i could just hit delete and rid myself of him and his words of hate. Im so glad i monitor my comments first

  9. Congratulations to you! 2 years! Awesome job Mary! I don't think I would worry to much about someone that hides behind a computer. There are loads of men out there that hate women but I think at the same time there are loads of women out there that don't think to much of men either. Not that they haven't done it to themselves. Love you!