Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Rant

What, a rant on Friday?  I usually try to enter the weekend with something upbeat, but there are times that no matter how you try, you can't be upbeat until you get something off your chest.  I do believe that deep down that most people in this world are good; in fact, I know they are...but once in awhile you run across people or events that make you shake your head in wonder.

Hubby and I bought a new mattress and box spring this week.  Both of us have been waking up each morning with back pain, so the money spent on them was well worth it.  So, the question now is, "What do I do with the old mattress and box spring?"  I do as we have always done.  I put them out on the curb on garbage pick-up day, but, lo and behold, when I get home from work, the garbage is gone, but the mattress and box spring are still there.  What the heck? I say to myself, thinking what I have is a couple of lazy garbage men.

Now, my cold was already coming upon me, and I was feeling pretty darned miserable.  In the house, I laid down on the bed and called the city information number 311 to find out how to get rid of this junk.  You'd best believe I flew out of the bed when the man said to me, 'You have to enclose them in a cover before setting them out.  If you do not do this, you can receive a fine of $100.'   Oh my, what to do....hubby and son are both working, but I haven't got a ticket yet, and yet can be a big word, not to mention happen any time.  I totally don't understand their reasoning.  Yes, New York City is in a bed bug epidemic, but, I'm sorry, these mattresses are tossed into the truck and then sliced up.  The cover means nothing, but who am I to argue with city laws?

So, out I go, sick as could be, in all this darned heat, and drag them both back into my yard.  Rain is in the forecast, and I know it they get wet, they will be impossible to deal with.  So I run to the 99 cent store for plastic mattress covers, only they are not 99 cents, they are $5.99.  Okay, $12 is a lot better than a hundred dollars.  When I arrive home, the storm has started, and son is there.  The two of us went out and put the mattress covers on.  I go inside, climb back into bed, and breathe a sigh of relief.  

Relief didn't last long though.  I went back to work on Thursday, and when I get out of the staff meeting, I see six calls from son.  Six calls make me nervous.  Well, it seems that some low life came into my yard and STOLE the darned covers right off the mattress and box the middle of the day.  Yes, it's only $12, nothing that will break me, but I want to get rid of these things.  If I buy it new set, what stops someone from robbing that as well?  My next garbage pick-up is Saturday morning.  After that, it will be Tuesday.  What of the rain?  If they get drenched, they will not only be impossible but work with, but also, in the heat and humidity, start to get that moldy smell.  

So, I go in and again call 311.  I need some advice.  I need someone to tell me what to do, or maybe even arrange for a private pick-up...which sanitation has been known to do.  Actually, I was hoping they would tell me I could cover it will with those big lawn and leaf bags and then tape them shut.  Big mistake.  Never plan to get any helpful info when you call the city.  Here is the gist of the conversation:

I begin by telling the guy what happened.

'You have to call 911 and fill out a report.  That's a crime.'

'If I show the sanitation workers a copy of the police report, will sanitation pick up the mattresses as is?'

'No ma'am.  You still have to purchase a cover.'

'But what good is that if someone is going to steal it again?'

'Ma'am, I told you what you have to do.  Someone came onto your property and stole something.  You have to call 911 and report it.  It's a crime no matter how much what was stole is worth.'

'Yes, I know that, but what good is a police report going to do?  They are not going to send extra patrols to watch my mattress covers.  And that is my main concern right now, getting rid of these mattresses.  Surely there is something I can do'

'I told you already.  You have to buy new covers, or they will fine you.'

'How many new covers am I supposed to buy?  By now he is repeating the police report aspect, and I am near tears, and when I come to tears, you know I am very angry.  'Perhaps I should save all my receipts and send them to the city for reimbursement.' That was said in sarcasm.

'Ma'am, we are not going to pay you back.  I will connect you to 911 now.'

I can see by now I am not going to get anywhere. 'Don't bother.  Thanks for all your help.'  I hung up.  There is so much violence and crime in this city.  I cannot see wasting their time on mattress covers.

Talk about frustration. Once the tears stopped, hubby and I came up with a plan, not one I like, but the only way we can get this done.  We will set our alarm for very early on Saturday morning, go out and put the covers on, then babysit the mattress and box spring until the sanitation truck arrives.  I am too afraid of putting them on at night and putting them out for the garbage, because, if someone steals the covers again, they might just leave me that $100 ticket. 

Isn't it a shame, though, when two honest, hard-working people have to give up their sleep to guard something that they are tossing out?  There is something wrong with that logic.  There is something wrong with the system, and there is something wrong with the thieves who stole the covers.  How low can a person go?

Whew, that was a lot to unload on you, dear readers, and I do apologize, but I needed to get the frustration off my chest.  But, I am such an honest person.  Wouldn't steal from a soul.  And to think, someone will violate MY space like that.  It takes all kinds in this world.  Let's face it...if we didn't have evil, how would we know what goodness is?

Now I will leave you with something a little more cheerful.  May you all have a joy filled weekend.

The Sweet June Time

The daisies and the buttercups
Now merrily are growing,
And everywhere for June's sweet sake
Are crimson roses blowing.
The sunbeams o'er the meadows lie,
And zephyrs light are straying;
And, oh! 'tis time that school was done,
And children--out a-playing.

Come, little folks--the fields and lanes
Are lonely now without you!
The birds are all in tune to sing
Their sweetest songs about you.
The old barn doors stand open wide,
The brooks with fish are teeming;
And over hill, and dale, and lake,
Dame Nature's smiles are beaming.

Come, one and all, from far and near,
And sound the summer's praises,
Whilst racing through the clover fields,
And nestling 'mid the daisies.
Make wreaths of roses crimson-red,
Your bright young heads adorning,
For summer-time was made for you,
And June is summer's morning!

"Vacation is the time for fun!"
All girls and boys are saying,
When school and books grow wearisome,
And hearts are ripe for playing.
So, little folks, come, one and all,
And tumble out together,
Amid the sunbeams' golden light,
All in the sweet June weather. 
--Mary Dow Brine--


  1. stealing a mattress cover ??? I can understand your frustration, what a pain!

  2. Mattress covers seem like such ridiculous things to steal!

  3. Ugggg, I could never live in the city. Love to visit .... but never live.

  4. People can be real bastards sometimes. Once, someone stole my car extension cord when it was 30 below, leaving my car engine to FREEZE! I shake my fist at such evil.

  5. -sigh- City living. -sigh-

    Are you any better? How can you be much better, with all this running around in the city heat/humidity? -sigh-


  6. Oh sweet Mary.....Life in the big city can try one's patience. Look on the bright and your courageous family have be active in preventing "further bed-bug bug the BIG APPLE". TEEHEEE.

    What a bunch of crap!!!! I just had to throw that in. (O:(O:



  7. would you believe it.......... some people hope you manage to get rid soon and have a freat weekend x x

  8. That's so crazy! Just think of all the trouble they went to for some plastic!! And you are right, something is broken when you have to get up early to guard your trash. Sheesh!

  9. Oh Mary, I am so sorry that a weekend had to end up in such a way.... I hope that this morning they were taken by the garbage men and are no longer an issue with you.... It is sad sometimes the things that people will do...
    Whether it be stealing a 5.99 mattress cover of simply be rude and unhelpful on the phone.
    take care....

  10. That stinks! Maybe the city is paying folks to take the covers so they can collect the $100 fines? Just kidding Mary! LOL How in the world is any one suppose to know of such a law if you had gotten a fine? That is just insane.
    love you

  11. People can be awful! I'm still waiting on that lottery win so we can get you out of that darn city!

    I hope you got the covers & everything worked out yesterday! Have a nap today, and feel better.


  12. Oh my God....I would have been just as frustrated. Rant was necessary! I hope you got the mattress picked up. That's ridiculous!! Well, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, otherwise. :)