Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rainy Days and Saturday Ramblings

Okay, I realize that Christmas has come and gone, but why did it have to fly by so quickly?  Not that I am enamoured with  how commericalized it has become, but I do love the quality family time which seems to pass by so fast.  I will also miss the diluge of holiday films which have become so much a part of my Christmas traditions.  But, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, if you ask me 'how happy I am that Christmas has passed", my response would fall in the midway mark. 

Christmas Eve was a wonderful family night....It was just my boys, hubby, and me...a little more special than usual because my youngest was able to be with us.    We ate...and ate...and then ate some more.  But, unfortunately, my youngest wasn't feeling  well, so although we usually wait until midnight to openthe gifts, this year we did so at 10:30 so he could get home.  I got one of my favorite gifts...a Barnes and Noble gift card from my youngesi and a new coat and cologne from my eldest.  Hubby and I didn't exchange gifts this year...what with his situaltion and all.  Besides, there is nothing that I really need.  Just having the family together after the tumultous December I have had was enough for me. Yesterday we had a great meal (Penile, gondulas and rice, mixed string beans, cupcakes) and basically just lounged around in front of the television.  And last night, I did something I never do.   I stayed up until 2 am in the morning watching Noah Wylie in the three "Librarian" films.  Usually, I am in bed by 11 the latest...especially since I knew I had a busy day ahead of me.

And then this morning arrived, and life was back to normal.  It's a food shopping and cooking week for me, so I headed out early to beat the heavy rain and wind forcasted for our area today.  Good bye, snow!!!  All my meals are on the stove and in the oven.  And like many others of you, my fellow bloggers, my friends, I am spending some time today thinking my blogs.  My first thought was, "Oh, my, what do I write about now?"  I've gotten so used to writing about Yule and Christmas as many of us have.   It's a time of new beginnings...Do I want to begin anew?  What do I hope to accomplish?  I've only been blogging since late September so this will be my first full year.  I know I want to incorporate some of The Native American teachings I have studied, but I also have many wondrous tales in my family background to share.  In my other blog, I plan to incorporate 'shadow and inner child' work, but I also hope to find a place for dreamswork...which I credit with saving my life many, many years ago.  Oh, and there is so much more, but now I realize I am rambling.

So, my dear blogland friends, as we wind down from the holiday, I'd  like to take this opportunity to say that I am so glad to have met all of you.  I am not much of a socializer.  My calendar consists of when the new shows return to the lineup.  LOL!!!  Having all of you in my life means more to me than I can possibly put into words.  Thank you.


  1. Yes, blogosphere buddies are the best! I'm glad our paths have crossed!

  2. Luv you dearest! Glad you had such a lovely Christmas with your boys!

    And I know what you mean about waiting on the January shows - lol!

  3. While there is a bit of a let down after the big buildup to the holidays, sometimes it can also be a bit of a relief. I too got one my favorite gifts this year too - a Barnes and Noble gift card. (LOL, as if I need any more books! but now I can seriously window shop.) We had the rain and wind and ice Christmas day butn it made it cozy being inside and eating and watching the boob tube... Saturday morning it was still raining a bit and then a bit of wet and snow and then lo and behold - the sun!
    This morning, Sunday, I am having a glorious sunrise. Haven't one of those in many a day.
    Am looking forward to see where you go next in your blogs.


  4. This is a sort of difficult time of year. For some, it's a let down. For some, it's the blahhh of facing deep Winter. For some, it's a time of planning new beginnings [or at least Resolutions of such]. Etc. Etc. A different mood evoked for each person. And people may not have the same mood, at this time, on every year of their lives. Every thing can change...

    I hope your writing about it, here in your blog, was helpful to sort out these feelings of yours. "They say" that writing things down, is wonderful. :-) And bloggers have this luxury, daily.

    I'm glad your time was warm and family oriented. Hope your youngest is feeling better by now, and not really down with a cold, etc.

    Please take your time with deciding "where to go next" with your blogs. After all, there are no "Blog Rules" chiseled in stone. We can blog about whatever feels helpful to us. If today's topic is one thing, and tomorrow's topic is completely different, that's fine too. :-)

    I love that quote... "Don't push the river, it knows where it is going." [Or words, close to those] I like that F-L-O-W thought. Wish I could F-L-O-W a lot more, in my own life. :-)

    Gentle hugs to you, my Prized New Friend...