Friday, December 11, 2009

The Beauty of a Woman

The beauty of a woman,
Isn't in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries,
Or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman,
Must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that's the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman,
Isn't in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman,
Is reflected by her soul.
It's the caring that she cares to give,
The passion that she shows,
And the beauty of a woman,
With passing years,
Only grows.
--Author Unknown


  1. This is the message that needs to be taught to young women as they grow up, not the self-destructive message of the media that appearance is the only thing that matters. What a different world we would have if women believed this message instead!

  2. what a beautiful poem.... I agree with Debra... something that young women need to realize... thank you so for sharing

  3. Oh I love this...thank you for sharing Mary!