Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Afternnon Fellow Bloggers.

Good afternoon.  Spent most of last night awake...thinking...not by choice.  My cat, Minga, is such a spoiled little creature.  My son works nights and has gotten into the habit of feeding her some special treats when he gets home.  Hubby was coughing with a sore throat yesterday so I decided that I would spend the night on the sofa to avoid catching it. And usually, I have a very restful night out there...but it just so happened that my son had run out of her favorite treats the night before, and she was not about to give in and eat the old brand.  Has anyone ever heard a cat howl like a dog?  Well, my friends, that is my Minga.  It was just awful.  I made my son promise to get her treats today before leaving for work.

It was really so busy here at work that I had little time for the things I wanted to do.  So, I did a little more updating on the blog.  I wasn't planning on this theme, but it seems to be working out well.  I've also been having a ball visiting other blogs and seeing all the creativity going on around me.  Setting up a blog is so much fun.   So, with that, I have a couple of questions for all my fellow bloggers.  Since I am still fairly new to this, I am still learning, so please bear with me.

1.  I have noticed that many/most of you have pretty little pictures and other items on both sides of your blogs, but I have only figured out how to do the one side.  So, how do I get to add the little pics and stuff to the other side?

2.  Speaking of pics, I deleted the Christmas pics and added some new ones to go with my blog's new look.  But, what am I doing wrong?  I had wanted poor little Maukie to stay on top so he can get some attention, but I don't know how to add pictures midway down.

I guess that is it for now.   I know I have a few more questions, but can't think of them right now.


  1. -chuckle- Dare I chuckle at the kitty issue? >,-)

    Onward to the fun stuff! Ohhhhh prrrrrrrrrety here!

    1.) To have pics/gadgets/buttons/etc. on both sides of your blog... I think you have to have a 3 column Template. I think. So you'd have to go into "The Bowels" of your BlogSpot Settings and look for a 3 column Template. [Repeat, I think] But then, you'd probably have to go back to where you got your new Background thing, and see if its offered, in a 3 column one......

    2.) Putting pic/etc. on your Sidebar... Again, thou must go deep into "The Bowels" of your BlogSpot Settings. >,-))) Nahhh not tooo deep. Just look up to the top of the page, where it says Customize and click there.

    Then click on Layout, if it doesn't go right to there. [mine does] You want to have Page Elements showing. [these things like Layout & Page Elements are at the upper left of your screen]

    See... it's your blog page! And you can see where your Sidebar is shown. In order to add a new pic to your Sidebar, click on the "Add A Gadget" at top of Sidebar thing you see there. Up comes another box. Look down for Picture and click the + and up comes another box! You select a pic from your computer, like it says. If it shows up tooooo big, you can check on Shrink To Fit. But that tends to make my pics too small. I am not goooood at sizzzzzzzzzzzing! I stink at it, actually, so I'm no help to you. :-)

    And you can move all the different parts of your Sidebar stuff around. Just click on a box and 'grab' it and move it up or down, etc. So you can keep anything you want, at the top.

    And via the Add A Gadget [Picture], you can add more pics, and move them where you want them.

    -sigh- I hope all this isn't "clear as mud." I rattle on and probably mix people up more than I clarify what I'm trying to tell them. :-)

  2. I love all the purple going on here.... nice changes...

  3. I too like the purple color combinations, but us old ladies do like our purples. LOL Love the information from Aunt Amelia on managing the extras on our blogs. I needed this advice desparately.... have cut and pasted it into a print out for myself. Thanks for this info.
    Love the way we bloggers interact with one another.