Thursday, December 10, 2009

Miracles DO Happen!!!

First. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for all for your support in these trying times for me..  It's an uphill battle from here.  I know that, but I have never been one to give up.  Now, the union is battling for hubbie's vacation time...which we have now discovered,  the company doesn't HAVE to pay... ..Not fair...totally not fair.  You know, I am not really worried about hubbie finding a job; I am sure in January he will find one...After all, he is credentialed, bi-lingual, and drives.  He will be in great demand (I am keeping thoughts positive). But, it is right now we have to worry about...bills and rent to be paid... Hopefully, he will be accepted for unemployment, that the company won't fight that.  If they do, you best be sure I will compose a letter and send it to every newspaper in the city. 

You know, I have been down many times before...and was able to rise up bigger and better than before.  I'd like to share a story about when I first moved to the city...way back when I was in my early twenties.  I had moved here with two outfits of clothing and $200 in my pocket.  I found myself a room in an old transient hotel..."The Hotel Earle".  Actually, it was quite a famous place...Bob Dylan stayed there....The Mama's and the Papa's stayed there....It was located right across the street from Washington Square Park...a place where you could find up and coming comedians and musicians peddling their wares at all hours of the day...or so it was back then.  Times have changed, and the park has changed.  Used to be that if I couldn't sleep, I could go out and sit in the park at 4am in the morning...and it was a safe place then.  Not anymore.  But, as usual I have started to ramble off the subject.

Each day I would go out searching for employment, but nothing turned up...didn't have a resume and not much experience back then.  Sometimes my diet consisted of Ragu sandwiches (Ragu sauce spooned onto a slice of bread).  And then the money ran out;  I would get so hungry that I would just lie across the bed and sleep.  I didn't want to give in and go home...Mom had always told me that I would be a failure...and I just had to prove her wrong.   So, eventually the day came that it was 'do or die'...find work or go back home.

As I was walking down the block, I looked down and saw what I thought was a dollar bill.  I picked it up to discover it was a ten dollar bill.  I was so hungry.  What could I get that was cheap and really filling?...a Burger King thick shake.  As I was walking out the door, I notice a man handing out fliers.  What harm would it do to ask?  You can imagine my surprise when I asked this man if his employer needed help, and it turned out he WAS the employer.  He hired me on the spot, and it was uphill ever since for me....and all from a miraculous ten dollar bill.


  1. I'm happy for your good news. Luck!

    Mmmmmm, why just letters to newspapers, if the public route is needed? Why not contact local tv outlets? And National tv outlets too.

    Wonderful story from your past too.


  2. I know from my own life that it can be SO HARD to trust the Universe, but your story shows how opportunities and blessings can come at our darkest hour (perhaps especially at our darkest hour). The Universe will do so again for you and your husband!

  3. Mary.. you always make me smile.. you have such a positive spirit. a wonderful story.. I would have loved to have been in that park with you at 4 in the morning a time or two... it sounds so real... thank you so much for sharing and for being the kind soul you are... I can truly see why you have the profession you do... blessings.

  4. Hooray for you my dear Mary! I know things have been rough lately..but just think..this is only the beginning to better and brighter things ahead. You deserve all that is wonderful and beautiful in this life.

  5. I agree with Debra - you are a fighter and have such a wonderful attitude, that you will bring good things to you and your husband. The universe will respond!